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Title: June 1, 2000 - Channeled Session By List Members
Post by: BuddahBoy on April 26, 2015, 10:20:09 AM
June 1, 2000 - Channeled Session By List Members

These are words from a channeling session by members on this [Peacenews Newsletter] list. 

Channeled Info:

I am still getting a feeling from most people of division instead of unification. How painful after all the work and messages, that they just don't get it -- that we are one. How many times and in how many messages will they get it, that the mere breathe they take is my breathe and their thoughts are my thoughts. Why the disconnection, it makes no sense, how much clearer can I be about who I am and what I wish for. This is pure madness, after so much communication and work that the masses still can't get the message.

How much simpler can it be, does everyone need to get crazed in order to get it -that we are one connected like a vine that grows with perfection. We are everything and nothing - whatever you wish to believe - but stop thinking we are 2 for you can't exist without me as I couldn't have a soul to communicate with without you. It is time to keep your mind out and leave your heart open. You will have everything you need and are, so go and bless everything and everyone you come in contact with.

The more ecstasy you feel, the more you will accomplish. It still creates a disturbance for me to know that people keep identifying me as a separate entity instead of themselves. It's time to embrace me as them and them as me. We are one, in one cell in one body. Allow for all to understand and know that in their souls, and their lives will be short of miraculous. All change shall be embraced. Make changes and live every second in ecstasy and passion in the pure understanding that the closer you are to me and the more you realize we are one, the more gifts we can put before you. Om Namaya Shivaya.

Isn't the beauty of My creation your individuality and your beauty - each with different DNA and at the same time with the same connection in the outer world; bringing it all to this dimension is what is difficult for most. It is time to fly and seek truth. The age of indifference and blindness must stop. It is time for responsibility and acknowledgement of your beauty and reasoning for participating in this dimension.

Embrace Me and you will embrace Truth. ONS Just know that we are one connected at every cellular level and that I can only serve when the heart is connected and not broken, for when it is broken and not truly trusting we can't serve only what you believe to be true for yourself. Well ONS and good night my child. As always, I remain with you at all times for we are one in truth, love and simplicity. Peace & Light to All in every Dimension.

I sent all that off to Babaji and asked if we should post it.

Babaji Replied:


"These are not my words, but the message is in Truth. Share it.