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Title: To Lisa From Marge
Post by: BuddahBoy on May 06, 2015, 08:31:37 AM
To Lisa From Marge

Hi Lisa! Thanks
Om Namaha Shivaya

Yes, this is easier on me, yet I am wondering if it is more difficult on the physical body of Babaji. I have offered that if it would be of help to Him, I will go back to the role of passing the emails. I guess He knows that right now, "I have bigger fish to fry!" Maybe after these fish are fried, I can be of help with it again.

Nothing gives me greater joy than being able to have more people read and benefit from these messages. They have turned my life around to so much more of what I have always wanted to live. I see the same result in many of the people who are reading and understanding things from them.

It is a time to rejoice, AND I think it signals more changes real quick, or He would not take this direct route. That is fine, as we are now developing the skills to handle it and to help others.