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Title: Gems From The Peacenews Mailers
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Gems From The Peacenews Mailers

These messages were shared with our email list, Peacenews, in order to inspire those who wish to live on the Higher Path.

We hope you will find 'gems of wisdom' within these messages that will help you to live in Truth, Simplicity, and Love, giving YOUR OWN SPECIAL Service to Humanity. Look into your heart to know exactly what this is, and allow the MESSAGE of Shri Babaji to translate into positive action.

As Babaji said:

"Do what you Love;
"Live where you Love;
"Pray where you Love."

If each of us could do just those three things, the world would be closer to Universal Peace.

The Peacenews mailers have been replaced.  Right now, we continue email newsletters on this list http://eepurl.com/D4bE5.

This list is open and free to all who wish to join.

Om Namah Shivaya
May Peace Prevail on Earth.