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Your Babaji Stories / A Dream Shared By P.C. In New York
« Last post by BuddahBoy on May 13, 2015, 08:21:46 AM »
A Dream Shared By P.C. In New York

I was sitting by a running creek. Next to me was the most beautiful, sexy man. He was barely dressed, only wearing like a loin cloth or something. I looked into his eyes and said "Who are you?" and his eyes were shinning deeply and I knew it was Babaji. I had never seen him look so young and sexy before, though. I was attracted to him and tried to kiss him on the mouth.

As I leaned over to kiss him, his head turned into a television set and I was kissing a glass screen. Inside the tv set he was giggling at me. I think the message was a couple of things: My ideas about love and attraction were derived from images on tv and the movies and were not based on real love. So, they were flat and artificial. Trying to connect to someone when your ideas are based on false images is like trying to kiss a flat, glass screen instead of really connecting with a person. And, ultimately, the message was one he has given me a lot in many different dreams: you don't know what you really want and like. You think you like things but they are illusions.

Your Babaji Stories / From Roger Hamstra
« Last post by BuddahBoy on May 13, 2015, 08:20:06 AM »
From Roger Hamstra

When we were talking on the phone I mentioned that I'd written to Babaji back in the fall of 1983 asking for permission to visit ( he wrote back at the beginning of November of '83, telling me to come any time - but one of my dogs got very sick and I had to spend my trip money on her - and Babaji left his body in February of 1984 and I never got to see him?). What prompted me to write him was this: back in about 1979 I was in bed, asleep, when I suddenly awoke, feeling as though there was someone in the room with me - my first thought was that someone had broken into the house and had made it into my bedroom.

My reaction was to lay very still, not moving, until I could get a bead on what was happening. So I lay there, on my chest, my eyes barely open, and I had this feeling that someone was passing his/her hands all over my body, just above my body, making passes with his or her hands up and down the length of my body. I could see and feel the energy moving in my body. After some time this stopped and I sat up in bed.

In the room with me was this bright golden white "figure" - I use the term loosely - surrounded by a golden white aura. It wasn't someone I recognized, but I had the very distinct impression that the figure was waiting long enough for me to definitely focus on it - for me to make sure I was fully awake and not dreaming - and I had the distinct impression that even though I didn't recognize the figure, at least by name, that I'd know who it was shortly. When I'd absorbed all that, the figure vanished.

The next day I went down to the local food coop to do some shopping. They had a small book section that I always checked out when I shopped there. The weekend before I'd seen this small, black-covered book with this sort of intense person on the cover - it wasn't someone I recognized and for the most part it looked to me like another one of those Indian saint books recounting stories, etc. so I didn't pay much more attention to it. So, when I went into the book section this next time here was this same small black book facing outward on the shelf so that the cover was in plain view, with this intense person looking out at me and I knew immediately that he and the being in my room the previous night were one and the same and they turned out to be Babaji.

I don't think it was until the spring or summer of 1983 that I knew that Babaji taken a body again, and when I found out I was very anxious to see him "in the flesh", but as things worked out I never got there. I know that he would have told me it was more important to help my dog than to see him in some kind of body, and that I can always find him, but still ... So that's my Babaji story - well, one of them anyway. :)

Roger Hamstra
Your Babaji Stories / Babaji gives "Communion"
« Last post by BuddahBoy on May 13, 2015, 08:16:02 AM »
Babaji gives "Communion"
Shared By Marge DeVivo

We rode into Haidakhan in the back of a large truck, all the way through the riverbed, and up to the bottom of the 108 steps! This seemed miraculous to me, as I had heard all the stories of walking up through the riverbed, through chest-high water, almost being swept away downstream, with every step. I was very much in fear of that, but when it was time to go to Haidakhan, I just decided Babaji would handle that for me and I had to face the fear ... and so He did. The truck left with us on it from the Kailash View Hotel on the morning of June 26, and we arrived in Haidakhan before lunchtime. We were a bit sunburned and overheated because of the intensity of the sun at that time of year and that time of day.

Arriving in Haidakhan, I was expecting to change into some very nice sari in order to go and meet the Master Babaji. When we arrived, we went up the 108 steps and were directed to stay in the International Guest House, where our luggage was deposited. Then we were told to go directly to Babaji, who was taking a bath in the river on the opposite side, known as the Gufa (cave) side. What about changing into nice clothes? Nope, we were to greet Him first and then we could change clothes, after that. Oh MY! This meant I was meeting Babaji in a striped 3-button shirt and cotton pants, the only clothes I had with me appropriate for climbing onto the top of a truck!!! This was not what I had in mind. I had heard stories that you change into a magnificent white sari and get very elegantly put together. Oh well!

Anyway, there was no way to argue with anyone about this or change it. From the top of the steps we could see quite an entourage of people down in the river on the other side, with a magnificent glowing figure in pure white under a large sky-blue umbrella!! THIS WAS BABAJI!! From the moment we spotted Him, He also seemed to spot us! He stopped right where He was, with the full entourage stopped behind Him. We headed back down the 108 steps and across the river. There were many channels to cross, with some bridges and some where you just walked through the water. He just stared at us the entire trip across the river. It's quite a long trip, and the energy felt like He was pointing at us, but this was only with His eyes.

As we got closer, I would glance up whenever I could to get a glimpse of Him. I couldn't look very long because of all the rocks that I was in danger of tripping over even when I was very careful. By the time we were about 100 feet from Babaji, my body started to tremble uncontrollably, especially my legs. I had to put my hands on my thighs to keep my legs walking and moving forward. I had only one thought as I got closer and closer "Oh my God! This is God!" Even from the top of the stairs, it appeared that there was a huge light all around Babaji, about 8 feet in diameter. This "glow" became brighter as we got closer. This trembling was so fierce I had to concentrate on every step to get there.

Finally, we reached Babaji's feet and we knelt down to pranam (touch His feet). As we stood up, He spoke to us in German. We didn't say anything, so then He said in English "What your name?" I opened my mouth, and NOTHING would come out, not even a whisper! Jim was hitting his forehead, looking down, saying "our names, our names, what are our names?" Finally, he said "we are Jim and Marge, from America." And then I added "from Emahmn." (Emahmn was our spiritual teacher in the USA who had prepared us for our visit to Babaji. Babaji loved Emahmn very much.) At that, Babaji turned downriver and screamed with so much force and ferocity, it scared the tar out of us, "EMAHMN! EMAHMN!" We looked at each other in total terror, like "Oh No! We said the wrong thing! Now He's going to destroy us!" When He turned back to us, it was with total compassion and warmth. (This quality of Babaji to change "moods" so quickly and completely was noticed by all in His presence.)

He motioned immediately for us to greet Muniraji, who was in the entourage of those who had gone to the bath. We had been carrying Muniraji's picture around with us for weeks. We had been told he was a great saint and we both felt deep connections to him from other lifetimes. We'd both had dreams of Muniraji and Babaji together, giving instructions and such. We ran to Shri Muniraji and tried to pranam, but he wouldn't allow that ( he was still "traveling incognito" at that time, and no one was treating him like a saint), so he grabbed our hands and shook them, saying "Welcome to Haidakhan!"

Shastriji told us later that the only reason Shri Muniraji was in Haidakhan that day was to welcome us, as he knew we were arriving then. We hadn't connected with him in Haldwani. So Babaji knew about this connection in our hearts, and it was the very first thing He did with us, connect us physically to Shri Muniraji. It was no surprise to us in any way, when Babaji left in 1984, that Muniraji would now be in charge of the devotees, and especially the ashrams throughout the world.

After this, we went back to Babaji, who was going over to the gufa to bless the food before lunch. All the lunches were prepared on the gufa side in that season, so everyone had to cross the river for prasad (food). He told us to go sit in the shade. We were following Him around like two puppies. He took us into the shade of the nine temples on the marble floor and showed us exactly where to sit down. There were big trays of food up on the walls. When we first sat down there, there were at least 20 people milling about waiting for lunch. Then something strange happened, and suddenly, we were the only ones there with Babaji. Everyone else just "disappeared." He started pacing back and forth in front of us, like a tiger. It seemed you could almost see sparks coming off Him as the energy was so electric!! He was pacing and looking at us, like trying to figure out what to do with us. We had been out in the hot sun all the way up in the truck. We were not in good shape. I was still trembling like a leaf in the wind. It helped to sit on the cool marble, but I was in so much AWE I really couldn't function.

Finally, after much pacing and electricity and awe, Babaji picked up a tray of chappati. He took one off the tray, bit off a piece, breathed on the rest of it, went to Jim and said, "Open," and he stuck this chappati in his mouth. Then He did the same with me with a smaller one. As soon as this bread hit my mouth, I was immediately calmed and soothed. I relaxed and ate the chappati completely, feeling nourished, quieted, and all of a sudden, it was like I had ALWAYS been here with Babaji!!! It was completely NORMAL to see Him there in front of me; the scene was familiar; the faces were familiar; I was HOME!!! There was no other world! I would look at Him and smile, and just say, "Oh! There's Babaji!" No more trembling, no more shyness, no more unworthiness to the point of not functioning. My other life was completely illusion; this was the real world. FINALLY, the real world happened in my life, as I'd always felt something was "wrong" with me, like things just didn't make sense in my normal everyday life. Here, everything finally made sense.

In fact, from then until about 3 days before I went home, I couldn't even REMEMBER anything about my home or family or car or work or ANYTHING about living in Nebraska. If people asked where we were from, we could say "Nebraska" or the USA, but details were GONE!!! One afternoon, in our room in Haidakhan, Jim and I were trying to remember a name of any one of our sisters. I have three sisters, and he has 5. We had promised to send postcards to all these people. NEITHER of us could come up with a name of ANY of them for a long time. Finally, after really struggling, like when you do a past-life hypnosis or something, I got the name of one of my sisters, and I kept saying it over and over, like "what a strange name!"

We had gone to India expressly to ask Babaji what to do with our acreage, which He had guided us to buy in 1980 rather than visit Him then. We couldn't even remember there WAS an acreage until shortly before we were going to leave ... and even then, there was no way to remember a question or a problem to ask Him about while in His presence. While in His Presence, there was no problem, no question, just pure BEING, in a heightened state of awareness. It was while we were farther away from Him that we figured out we had better write down our questions and ask Him while we were here rather than trying to write Him a letter from America about it! So that is what we did, eventually. (that's another story)

It was such a blessing to finally feel like life was making sense, walking around with Babaji, traveling with Him to Nainital, Haldwani, Delhi, and then to Vrindavan for Guru Purnima. The difference in food and climate and culture were very hard on my body, but my heart was filled with joy and a 'sense of belonging.' This "remembering" my True Self came with Babaji giving me the "bread of life." Just like holy communion, which I had grown up with in the Catholic Church! I'm sure He knew of that too.

This meeting Babaji was so spectacular for us that we agreed that even if He had sent us straight home after that 20-30 minutes, we would have felt complete. We had heard the stories of people who arrived, got their luggage up the steps, and Babaji would just say, "Go home. Go now." And that would be the end of it for that person. They had to leave. We went with no expectation and grateful for every single thing that happened to us for the next 12 days that we spent with Babaji.

Marge DeVivo
Your Babaji Stories / Tiny Feet
« Last post by BuddahBoy on May 13, 2015, 08:09:14 AM »
Tiny Feet
Shared by Kali Devi

Babaji made his entry into my life on a summer's night in 1989 like a thousand exploding suns. He was not subtle at all! I had merely seen his photo in a book. My heart shattered and my journey began. He came for me as the Beloved and has remained so ever since. Although I never met Him in form, my experiences with Him have been incredibly alive with the same flames of love, compassion and lessons of those that did. He always taught me through my heart always reinforcing to me that the head (wisdom) and heart (compassion) must be one. I've kept years of journals of my meditations with Him and asked what did He want me to share and was lead to this one.

As I sat one morning some problems that made me sad and upset suddenly came to mind and quickly created the negative mood I lugged into meditation with me.

June 10, 1991
Although I was upset my mind eventually settled and I saw myself in a lovely forest. I was seated on a log and as I looked in the distance I could see Babaji coming towards me wearing a happy smile. The best I could give back was a wan one with the state I was in. He knew immediately that something was wrong but didn't speak a word. He just sat down in the grass in front of me like a child silently looking up at me with dark sensitive eyes.

I was uncomfortable with Him sitting there like that staring up at me so mouth opened to say something but was startled shut as he suddenly pulled my feet from underneath the long skirt I was wearing and said with sparkling eyes, "Such tiny feet. Such little feet!" "What?" I asked baffled. "Such tiny feet. Look! They are so small." He smiled, taking one in each of his large hands. "Never have I seen such tiny feet!" He grinned at me his dark eyes sparkling even more now like he was in child-like wonder.

I wasn't at all in the mood to be humored about my feet. I frowned. "What do you mean? They say that feet symbolize understanding. Are you saying that I have very little understanding?" I questioned irritably. He smiled up at me warmly, his deep eyes alive with amusement and lifted one dark brow, not needing to bother verbalizing me an answer. My ego cowered. "What I said is that you have the cutest tiny feet." (At that time some shoeboxes fell in my closet scaring me to death!) Babaji continued to laugh and joke and play with my feet, also massaging them until finally I pulled out of my sour mood.

"Feeling better now?" he asked after awhile. "I am. Yes, I am. Thank You." "Good. That is very good." His dark lashed eyes held mine beginning to shine , then suddenly he said, " I wonder what I would look like with such tiny feet?" "Oh, Baba! ..." I groaned and then had to laugh. "No, really. Come. Come and let us see!" He said lifting me up from the log. "You come and stand on mine." "Stand on Yours?" "Yes ... or either ...  I could stand on yours?" He teased looking down at me. "You're too heavy." "No I am not ..." He answered half smiling, half serious, his dark gaze velvety and intense. At that moment a breeze blew his hair about His face and he became so beautiful that I felt my heart melting ... melting. In an instant our eyes met in understanding and He smiled really happy again. "You come. Stand here." He instructed and I did, perching on His feet. "Now hold on." He smiled down, embracing me. "Hold tightly!" I did. I held on to Him ever so tightly and suddenly the tears I had tried to fight back so fiercely finally came.

"I know ... yes ... yes ... I know ..." he held me so close. "It is not easy, this path ... this world. Many times we get discouraged. We both have been here a long time. I too know how hard ... how difficult it is for I too have been here forever it seems, helping mankind in his slow ... very slow pace, sometimes feeling there has been very little change. But ... you go on, not for yourself but for God, to find the Highest thing in you ... the Perfection you know inside so well." I sobbed profusely as He spoke these gentle comforting words holding me so close, so tightly. "Yes, yes little one. How well I know ... how well I know." I could feel and hear His deep sigh as he rested His chin on the top of my head. We stood there for a long time as he allowed me to cry my heart out about life's anguish and frustration in his arms. As I quieted He said gently, "When things are not going well, stand on My Feet, my little love. I am always here to hold you up. To take every step for you. Remember that."

Kali Devi
Your Babaji Stories / From Bill Bryant
« Last post by BuddahBoy on May 13, 2015, 08:01:49 AM »
From Bill Bryant

For anyone who is reading this, feel that I must point out that I'm trying (with immense and unimaginable difficulty ) to find non attachment.

My wife and I bought a caravan in Glastonbury about 2 years ago, ever being attracted to the general spiritual feeling of the place, we go down there as often as we can afford.

As usual I walk to the Tor (The Mystical Tor, that has attracted millions of spiritual seekers for a very long time). At the base of Tor, I begin to feel the usual feeling of longing, emptiness, the usual feeling of (God please speak to me) I think to myself, "who can I pray to, for God's sake, who can I pray to who might actually respond?" A thousand uncontrolled and depressed thoughts on my mind, I find myself thinking of anything from my old Guru, to Krishna and the Jaganath Temple, to The I Ching, to Jesus, to just the word "God".

Reflecting on my exciting past, reflecting on my present feelings of selfish despair, very much fearing an unknown future, a faded memory flickers into my mind. I'm about 18 years old, I'm in the bath ( tub to Americans ) in my mothers house, about 1972, I pray to the awesome, Babaji, the Yogananda book Babaji.

I have a cross and chain around my neck that a friend had given me during our search for spiritual realisation, deeply praying to Babaji as best I know how, in search of that promised blessing Babaji gave. Eventually I realise that my bath is getting cold, so I start to wash my face, neck etc, instantly the cross and chain is in my hands, (intact, not un-joined) I stare at it for a slightly amused moment, but then slowly I realise that this can't be happening. Please believe me when I tell you that the chain was very small, the cross hung around my adams apple region, in other words it did not somehow transport itself over my head etc. I have always remembered this strange and inexplicable moment in time, but of course I have never known what to make of it.

Anyway, back to 1999, oh yes, there I am at the base of the Tor, finally I decide to pray to Babaji, I form a tiny sentence in my mind,"BABAJI,PLEASE BLESS ME"

I begin my climb to the top of the Tor, knowing that although it is no mountain, I will be breathing very heavily and soaked in sweat when I get there. So, with every breath, I repeat with intense feeling, trying to be as truly reverent as possible, repeating, "Babaji please bless me."

I arrive at the Tor, soaked in sweat, and half gasping for breath, and as usual, I sit down on the nearest concrete seat, and although looking forward to getting my breath back, I am very much absorbed in my prayer to Babaji, really, I am actually seem unable to think of anything else, or recognise anything around me, all I know is,"Babaji, please bless me." As I sit down on the concrete seat, immediately a man walks in from the right hand entrance, I successfully resist looking at him, truly praying, only to Babaji, absolutely shunning all distractions.

However, one way or another, I can't help but notice that he seems to,"glide" across the floor, almost as though he were walking on water or something, very slowly. Then as gracefully as he moved, as gracefully he came to rest, facing the same direction he arrived from, head bowed, feet in sandals, tall, white hair, myself unable to see his face, one of those,"old but fit types," and totally silent. This individual moved like a,"spiritual" man, somebody reflecting upon at least, "something"

I, meanwhile had kept my head down, intent on treating this man as an intruder, a nuisance perhaps, and as much as my head was down, so was this mans head down. "BABAJI, PLEASE BLESS ME," intensely repeating within my worn being, I become aware of an itch on my nose, a bead of sweat, still there, running down my nose, irritating, at first I either ignore or refuse to acknowledge the itch, but slowly but surely, my resolve, being slowly worn down now, by all sorts of distractions, I decide to wipe the itch from my nose, with fanatical slowness, I move my hand towards my nose, a strange sort of guilt comes over me, well fairly normal I suppose, but this is really strange, a voice, an awareness, whatever, a very clear understanding of," If you scratch your nose, I will go away." In other words, keep up your concentration. Well, that's all I can make of it anyway. Finally, I touch my nose, instantaneously the man,"glides away," graceful," severe perhaps.

Although most resolute, I try only in vain to continue my concentration upon Babaji, slowly relaxing myself, and slowly finding myself wondering about this unusual man, (knowing of course that Glastonbury is full of unusual people). I fully recover my normal mode and decide to quickly look for the unusual man, I briskly get up and walk outside the Tor, scanning, left, right, walking right round the Tor, the man is gone, then I notice him at the base of the Tor, walking really fast, away from the Tor. I think to myself, "blimey, how did that man get down there that quick?"

Approximately three weeks later, I'm at the base of the Tor again, thinking very similar thoughts to the last time I was there, actually forgetting the "unusual man encounter." I must pray to the Yogananda book Babaji I decide, yes, that's it. So, off I go again, intense, sweating etc.

The instant I sit down, albeit, sincerely and reverently, a young, dark skinned man with fairly long black hair, and very big eyes, bounds in from the right hand entrance, he sits down next to me, so abruptly I actually jump back slightly, I say to my self, blimey, who the hell is this? Is he on drugs, is he gay, who the hell is this strange 18ish year old man. I come to the conclusion that he is not on drugs, and that he is not gay, but then he says, "Oh look at you," and then starts to vigorously wipe the sweat off of my head. I say," er, yeah, I'm always hot," (which I am) He then says loudly, "Oh, I'm cold." We seem to hover for a moment, I uneasily look away, he sort of looks away, and then leaps up and bounds out the way he came.

This time I instantly rush outside the Tor, gathering my senses on the way, and frantically look for the young, crazy guy. Nothing, I really mean nothing, he is definitely not there, dashing around the Tor, frantically looking left, right, down, all directions, he is definitely not there.

A few days later, I come home to my wife, I tell her of my strange encounter, describing both old man and young man, (I didn't actually mention the first encounter at the time of it happening for whatever reason.) I tell her of a strange young man with big eyes, he seemed Indian and red indian at the same time, slightly feminine, long black hair, I speak about it a lot to her. I remember thinking that the "young man" somehow reminded of the "old man," admittedly, probably because I had been praying to Babaji both times anyway, but on the other hand, I still think one reminded me of the other to this day.

About 3 months later, I buy my first computer, a friend of mine sets it up for me, and away I go. Anxious to "browse" the internet that I have heard so much about, I quickly connect up and then wonder what to look for. You can surely guess what I'm going to say. After a fairly short time I think to myself, Ah! I wonder if there's anything about Babaji on the internet. To my great surprise there was a considerable amount of information about Babaji, but not the Yogananda book Babaji I would of expected, (I wasn't expecting any Babaji stuff on the internet anyway) but this new Babaji that supposedly materialised in 1970 in a cave. At first I read the Babaji stories with suspicion, distrust, scepticism, etc. Marge may recall one of my earliest E-Mails saying,"are you sure this is THE Babaji." I still have those early E-Mails. So there I am, constantly trying to come to terms with this,"new" Babaji, reading his words, lessons etc. and doubting all of them.

Remember, I hardly know how to turn the computer on at this stage, consequently, the only picture I have seen of this "new" Babaji so far is the home page Babaji that looks a bit like an artists impression of him. Experimenting further with the internet, I find more pictures of the "new" Babaji. Slowly but surely I start to realise that one of the pictures really, really looks like my visitor from the Tor. Reading more and more about this strange new Babaji, I find passages saying things like, "he looks Red Indian and Indian at the same time, feminine, long arms", "my visitor had noticably long arms," seventy years old sometimes, etc. etc.

Now of course, I realise and absolutely believe that my two visitors were indeed Babaji, even though he doesn't neccessarily look like the picture in the Yogananda book. This experience has seriously damaged my mental health, now I have to believe in Babaji, forever unable to slip back into doubt, spiritual despair etc.

Well, that's it, that's the best story i've got. I think for the rest of my life I will be ever trying to live up to this honour, and to maybe one day meet him again.

Yours most sincerely,
Bill Bryant
Your Babaji Stories / From DB
« Last post by BuddahBoy on May 13, 2015, 07:58:41 AM »
From DB

OM SRI SAI RAM, hello there! I am so happy after I checked the whole page of Babaji.

It is a real blessings for so many truth seekers all over the world. I want to share a very personal and alive testimonial about the power of radiance of our beloved Babaji it occurred about six  - you may odd-years ago, when I was jogging in the park when suddenly I felt a great desire to look to my left side so I looked but there were nothing to see, and I kept on jogging as usual, so the command started again to look I realized something peculiar was around to happen I stopped running and obeyed the drive immediately I got Babaji's presence, it is hard to express but my eyes did not see anything nor any body but my inner senses did! I don't know how I did but my sensorium was in presence of Babaji then I realized He doesn't need a "visible" body to senses but to the heart.

I remember I felt the radiance of His Love & protection; The same has happened as soon I was in the web page. Thank you again for this spiritual service,I got Babaji Grace when I received Kriya yoga initiation through Yogananda's teaching and let me tell you He is my Amerista param guru lineage. You may send me "news" about the page and/or all of you. Thank you for your time, I had to write this because it belongs to all of you also.


Yours Truly DB
Dr Rafael A Betances
Your Babaji Stories / From Susan K - Written March 2007
« Last post by BuddahBoy on May 13, 2015, 07:55:22 AM »
From Susan K
Written March 2007

Hi Marge, It is nice to meet you. My name is Susan and I've recently come across your website within the past few weeks. I would like to share with you how this came to be.

One Saturday afternoon, I laid down to rest and began doing a healing visualization between myself and another person. While I was doing this, a young Indian looking man appeared in my meditation and began to do some healing work on the other person. I was observing the whole thing and thinking, "Who is this man that has appeared out of nowhere?" After he was done with the healing, this man sat cross-legged and radiated such peace and understanding. He sat in such a way that he formed a triangle between all three of us. Meaning that myself, the indian man, and the other person were all sitting cross-legged and formed a triangle. Right after that visualization ended, I pictured myself being purified by white fire. I was asking over and over again to be taken through the fire so that I may be purified. Now, remember, I had not yet seen your website and I was not that familiar with Babaji. I remember reading about him in Autobiography of a Yogi by Yogananda, but my memory of him was faint.

I fell asleep for a little awhile and after I awoke I went to the computer and looked up Yogananda. My eye caught an entry about Babaji and some slide show that you could watch for free. I thought it was odd that my eye saw Babaji because I have looked up Yogananda many times and never saw Babaji's name on that page. Well, I clicked on it and began to watch the slideshow. My eyes just stared and my mouth dropped in awe as I watched Babaji and was realizing that this was the indian looking man that had just appeared in my meditation two hours ago. I tingled from head to toe many times over and again when I came to the passage about going through the Great Fire of Purification. I felt deeply moved and began to cry. I was so grateful for this gift.

I want to share with you one more thing. I have not picked up my guitar in a very long time, but I felt drawn to yesterday and had a wonderful time playing it. I felt very connected and alive. I was thinking about Babaji and Yogananda and picturing myself singing a song that was meant to reach everyone.

This is what came through :

Oh, Love
Gentle is the way
That I want to be with you
Gentle is the only way
That I want to do

'Cause I see all your faces
Looking back at me
I see all the love inside
Waiting to get free...

Oh you can't deny it
It's right there in your eyes
No you cannot hide it
It's been there all the time ... been there all the time

Because Love is free
It's there inside of you
Love is free
So what are you going to do ?
Love is free

I feel all the yearning
From your hearts to mine
I see all the people
Thinking it's not true
But, I see all the peace inside
Waiting to break through

I know you want to share it with someone
You want to hold out your hand
Well, you can take a deep breath now
Because I understand ... yes I understand

Love is free
It's there inside of you
Love is free
So what are you going to do?
Love is free

Gentle is the way
That I want to be with you
Gentle is the only way
and I'm sharing it with you
I'm sharing it with you

Love is free Love is free
Love is free Love is free
Love is free Love is free

Om Namah Shivaya,
Susan K
Your Babaji Stories / From Marge - Written October 9, 1998
« Last post by BuddahBoy on May 13, 2015, 07:51:09 AM »
From Marge
Written October 9, 1998

On the  way to India on my first trip in June 1982, in the New York airport, a group of Hare Krishnaˆs approached us and asked about the malas around our necks. They asked how many beads were on the strand. We answered 108, and they went into a big speech about that it should be 101 beads because Shiva is a "demi-god," and only Krishna is the true God, and we were in big trouble. This kind of made us smile because we knew we were on our way to visit a manifestation of Shiva, and it seemed so funny to have these people telling us Shiva is a "nobody." We went on our way to India and didnˆt really have time to think about this experience.

At one point with Babaji, we were in New Delhi in the home of one of His devotees. In the living room of this home a large swing was set up next to an air-conditioner. Babaji was sitting in this swing, and he invited us into this room to sit on the couch next to the swing. We were there alone with Him. He asked someone to bring us some lemon water and let us just relax there with Him to recover from the extreme heat of driving from Haldwani with Him at mid-day.

It was very sweet to sit there with Him, and as He was sitting on the swing like a small child, swinging back and forth, we could hear Him softly singing to Himself, with a sweet smile on His face, just loud enough for us to hear: "Hare Krishna, Hare Rama, they are OK too ... Hare Krishna, Hare Rama, they are OK too."

That's when we knew that Babaji knew of our experience in the airport even though we had shared it with no one.

His acceptance of all worshipers of the Divine with no ill will toward othersˆ form of worship is very important. This all-inclusiveness of all who worship the Divine is one of the cornerstones of Babajiˆs teachings. He often said, "Follow the religion that is in your heart. You must find the religion that really resonates with you and it will take you to God. But you must FOLLOW it."

Om Namah Shivaya

Your Babaji Stories / My Babaji Dreams
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My Babaji Dreams
Shared by Patricia

Before I had the nerve to go to Haidakhan, I read Autobiography of a Yogi. Then I read a modern book about Babaji. I had a dream about him that very night.
I was watching him from a distance as he sat on a roof, teaching a devotee, who would walk on the roof, then back on the ground, then back on the roof (high path/low path). It was dark out and I was peeking through some trees. Suddenly, he zoomed into my face like a close-up camera lens and laughed, "I see you!!" in a sing song voice. I woke up instantly and felt afraid. Then a thought came immediately, "God is nothing to be afraid of." I fell back asleep right away.
After this, I had many dreams (13 or so?) that caused me to go to India. Here are a few, edited way down, that are helping me and may help others. Use any or none as you see fit.
Also, after I returned from India in 1994 I had only a few very vague dreams and then none ever again. I felt abandoned but now realize that it was to make me focus on the teachings, not the teacher. This may help others who had this experience happen too.
1. In a dream I was standing in a room with Babaji while we watched a girl walking around and around in a circle with her head down, sad and distressed. I said, "Look up! Let him help you."
She looked up, and Babaji had tied a rope around her waist/solar plexus area and began pulling so hard he rose up in mid-air, still tugging on the rope, pulling the pain out.
This woman was me and all women who suffer. "Look up! Let him help you."
2. I dreamed I was at the ashram in India, where I had never been. He was fresh from a bath, walking down the 108 steps with two other devotees as I was walking up. I thought to myself, "Please notice me". When I reached them, he linked arms with me and proceeded to walk up the steps with me. Suddenly, a crazy woman came running by pulling up all the flowers by the roots and clutching them for herself.
He looked at me and said "See?"
The message was: don't be greedy, beautiful things are for all of us to share, when we try to grab for ourselves the flowers die.
3. I was riding in a beautiful, ornate carriage and Babaji was my driver. He was dressed in red jeweled clothes and a turban. He was giving me lessons. When he dropped me off he told me when we would have our next lesson. I said the most ridiculous thing, "I can't. I have plans with so and so." As I said this, he disappeared into thin air. I called out, "I'm sorry. Come back. I want to see you. I want to SEE!" and I woke up.
If I don't make him a priority, he disappears from my view. And my ability to see the truth disappears too.
4. During the day I asked Babaji if he could come see me in a dream in female form because I had no reference of female divinity and was frustrated about the male image being the only master form I'd ever been shown.
Soon after, I dreamed I was outside an ashram having a mild argument with an unknown male. I said, "Well, if we both love Babaji then we have common ground so let's stop this."
We entered a temple together and waited on line to see Babaji. When I reached the front, it was Babaji as a beautiful young woman in a red/burgundy flowing gown with dark black hair. I looked at her and asked, "Who are you?" Her black eyes glowed into mine and she embraced me. It was Babaji.
With love and ONS, Patricia
Your Babaji Stories / God Helps
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God Helps
Shared by Dhirendra Singh

 I came in contact with Babaji in 2013 in real  sense, but came as truth in fact.


Dhirendra Singh
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