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25 December 1983
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25 December 1983

"Today the International Festival of Christmas is ending. This festival was celebrated successfully, through the cooperation of all people. You have always been cooperating like this at this festival time. This festival is celebrated here regularly through the inspiration of all of you and it will continue like this in the future. That is my Blessing on all of you.

"Congratulations to you for your concentrated, wholehearted efforts. I have told you many times before that you must all keep your duty before you always. We must all have one purpose before us - to sacrifice ourselves for the sake of humanity. We must live for humanity and die for humanity. We all must offer our lives for the welfare and security of society. This must be our main aim, our bhajan (meditation, kirtan and service). This is our bhajan, this is our kirtan, this is our repetition of The Name. We should always proceed with this aim in mind.

"Today mankind has greatly degenerated. People are like puppets dancing for demonic leaders. We have to protect the people and lead them to progress. We must not lose courage.



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