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Author Topic: 10 January 1984  (Read 989 times)


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10 January 1984
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10 January 1984

"The fact is that all of you who have assembled here from foreign countries have done very hard work here. You have shown your devotion and courage toward God. You have increased the beauty of this place.

"Shri Mahaprabhuji stresses Karma Yoga and states that this is the highest Yoga. All other Yogas can fructify only after your death, but Karma Yoga brings instant results to you. I want, and many times I have told you, that it is the best thing to live your life with courage and bravery. You must be always active and hardworking. I have told you this before, also. I will give you liberation only through Karma, so you should not lag behind in your work. Be active and advance!

"You must always encourage Karma Yoga. You have to progress through Karma Yoga. Through Karma only can all needs be fulfilled. We cannot make the world happy and peaceful without Karma Yoga (work). For the peace and happiness of the world, we have to practice Karma Yoga. Through Karma Yoga - working hard - you can bring peace, happiness, joy and contentment to the world. Idleness makes men slip backwards, lag behind.

"Karma is the highest and greatest thing.



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