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Author Topic: 11 January 1984 - At evening Darshan  (Read 1055 times)


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11 January 1984 - At evening Darshan
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11 January 1984 - At evening Darshan

Shri Babaji invited Shammi Kapoor, Mahatmaji, to say something.

Mahatmaji replied, "I have not come here to talk; I have come here to listen and learn."

Shri Babaji looked around and then back at Mahatmaji and said, "All these people are yogis." So Mahatmaji began to speak.

Just sitting here, I will give one experience of mine.

The young, sweet boy who is now sitting in Baba's lap (Marco Reichel) was, two years ago, sitting in Baba's lap and Baba was always tossing him. I was constantly watching and saw Baba turning him upside down sometimes and then right side up, spinning him around. At that time, a great desire arose in me that I should be a child like him, so Baba can play with me.

The next day I was just sitting here when Baba came in. Baba beckoned to me with His hand - like this. I answered, 'Ji, Prahhu' and went up to Him and was about to prostrate myself before Him when He lifted me up and tossed me like a child and put me in His lap!

That's the truth! (Shammi Kapoor is about 6'2" tall and weighs about 130 kilos.)

If you have a sincere wish for anything, Baba fulfills it.

The lap is the same but now the child in it is Isu. The lap will be the same but the child will always be changing. It is all the Grace of Shri Mahaprabhuji.


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