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Author Topic: 1 February 1984 - Morning  (Read 1047 times)


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1 February 1984 - Morning
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1 February 1984 - Morning

"Shri Mahaprabhuji says Karma Yoga is the highest yoga. You are witnessing the effect of Karma Yoga in everything you see here. It is the effect of your Karma Yoga that I am sitting here. (Shri Babaji was sitting on the edge of a new garden recently built and planted.) This whole Company Bagh - Fakirabad - was built by your hands.

"Karma Yoga is the only thing in this world which can change your fortune/fate. And it can change the geography of the world - where there is water you can make land; where there is earth, you can make water. In this Yuga (era), there is a great necessity for Karma. You should never lag behind in your Karma Yoga - the times demand it.

"It is not I, but Time, which is talking through My mouth. Time is running on with great speed. All countries have raised their heads, with mouths open, like cobras, waiting for the opportunity to swallow each other. At this critical time, courage and bravery are needed. With your Karma Yoga, you must repeat the Name of God with your mouth.

"I do not like dishonesty; I want everyone to be honest and dutiful. Everyone must do his duty correctly. You must know what you should do and be busy doing it. By Karma one will not fall but will always rise higher. That is why you should never be afraid of doing hard work. We must do everything according to the need of the times. No work is low or bad in this world if it is done in the right spirit. By Karma only can you advance. That is why a man should never hesitate to do any work. Whether it is high or low, big or small, no work is bad. Work is work.

"Courage is life. One who has no courage is like a dead body. So My aim is to benefit the whole world - not just one individual or one country. JAI VISHWA!

"All of you must be always ready and make efforts for universal good. You must help each other for that. You must always be prepared to do good acts and, wherever you live, you must organize weekly or monthly satsang (meetings for the Truth). Have large gatherings to discuss measures to be taken for the good of the whole world. Invite learned men and scientists; consult with them and take their advice. you must find ways and means to do universal good.



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