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Author Topic: 4 February 1984 - Morning  (Read 1051 times)


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4 February 1984 - Morning
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4 February 1984 - Morning

"All of you have done a lot of hard work here and are continuing to do it. The whole world will be benefitted by the hard work and Karma Yoga you have done in Hairakhan. People from all over the world who visit Herakhan and see the hard work you have done are extremely pleased by your performance. They feel elevated and when they return they cite this as an example."

(At this point, Aarati was performed to Shri Babaji. After the Aarati, He continued).

"All the hard work you have done here is an education for the forthcoming creation. This is the greatest teaching for the generations to come. The battle you have waged with your hard work and devotion is a battle with Nature, and you all are changing Nature itself. This is a great teaching for the whole world because Karma Yoga is capable of achieving everything. The work you have done proves this. You can see for yourselves the achievements which you have made in this place through your hard work and Karma. By Karma (action) you can even change the geography and geology of the world; where there is water, you can create land, and vice versa. Karma is a very high form of yoga.

"You have all witnessed the effect of Karma Yoga here and can see the changes from day to day. What is there today is not there on the next day. Everything is destruction; it only proves that Karma (activity) can change everything. You can even change your fate or destiny by sheer hard work.

"All the great sages, saints, yogis and sannyasis that the world has seen and all the Messengers of God have achieved all that they did through hard work and Karma Yoga. Through Karma Yoga they changed Nature itself. Therefore, you must never be disappointed in life and you must remember that what even God cannot achieve, you can achieve through hard work.

"Karma is a thing which can even change the course laid down by God. When Karma Yoga is such a high thing, why don't you all adopt this as your practice? Karma Yoga can obtain for you all the happiness and the pleasures that you need. Anyone who is an active and hard working Karma Yogi has no problems in this world. To give up Karma and become lazy is the greatest problem and unhappiness - and also danger - that you can face in your life. That is why everybody must firmly tread the Path of Karma Yoga and stick to it no matter what happens.

"You should seek advancement only through Karma Yoga. Everyone can attain courage and Shakti (power/energy) through Karma Yoga. Impossibilities can be turned into possibilities by sheer hard work. Therefore, all of us must progress and advance via the Path of Karma Yoga.

"This is not only a matter regarding this place but wherever you go, or wherever you work, you must maintain this very standard because this is not only for Shri Mahaprabhuji that you do this hard work, it is for your own elevation and liberation. No matter what the Karma is, we must not turn away from it, because we have to meet the challenge of the coming times. If and when the time arises and we have to go to war, even then we must not turn back.

"Therefore, all of you must adopt Karma as your dedicated Path and go forth in the world.



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