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Author Topic: From Babaji - December 10, 1998  (Read 1056 times)


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From Babaji - December 10, 1998
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From Babaji - December 10, 1998

"I am timeless. I never sleep. I am here and I was there and I will be. This is but one planet among billions and billions. Sentient beings abound throughout the universe throughout many dimensions of time and space. I am everywhere helping and serving. This is my purpose. My message is Truth, Simplicity and Love. This is how you are to live in the body. This is how you are to have equanimity of the mind. And you must serve by working. Idleness is laziness and laziness is death. Do not be mislead. Preparing for the Great Revolution is not in the store of food or money or water or wood. It is in the store of Truth, Simplicity and Love. Attach yourself to God. Unconditionally. Chant. Call to me in your need. And thus you will survive the Great Change.

"This is my message to all here. This is my message to all sentient beings throughout all dimensions. All must face the Great Revolution. Change is force of creation. We must all face it. Even Babaji. I am Bhole Baba. I am here."


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