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Author Topic: May 27, 2000 from Anonymous  (Read 1268 times)


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May 27, 2000 from Anonymous
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May 27, 2000 from Anonymous


I've left the book I'm writing in the background and have been focusing on prosperity NOW. This focus has created more debt so far and I'd rather create abundance. Which way will lead me to receiving prosperity now?
Thank You.

I love you

Babaji Responds:


"Concentrate on Truth, Simplicity and Love, and Abundance will come your way.

"Focus on prosperity and debt and despair will ensue.


From this person to Marge:

I've been meditating on Truth, Simplicity, Love, and amazing things are happening ... it all started like this:

Did I share with you why I went into a meditation using the mantra "Truth, Simplicity and Love" after receiving Babaji's answer to me? Oh wow - I sat at the computer reading and re-reading the message and went into a peaceful and deeper state of awareness, then decided to get up and "do" something.

Well, I have a drum I made hanging on the wall above my computer and as soon as I moved my thoughts from Baba's message to "something else", the drum fell off the wall! It's never fallen before! "OK, what was that all about?" I said aloud? No response, so I re-hung the drum, then got up to go to the bathroom and just as I got up two bottles of shampoo and conditioner fell off the wall where they were sitting upon a ledge in my shower!

This time, I got it very clearly, that Babaji wanted my attention and I sat down, went into a space of relaxation and deep breathing and repeated "Truth Simplicity & Love" over and over and over for I think about 30-45 minutes. This continued for several days except for the sitting down. I remained very alert, very aware, very relaxed and the mantra, TSL, continued penetrating my beautiful mind!

Everything in my world has been changing since that day in a way that serves me better, which serves everyONE! I am now receiving abundance at every turn and I have not focused on "prosperity" - rather on TRUTH, SIMPLICITY & LOVE! My prayer is that I have the strength and courage to walk with Truth, Simplicity and Love and become Babaji's message!

I am happy to share this experience with others, and I wish to remain anonymous.


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