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Author Topic: May 27, 2000 from Dinah  (Read 1271 times)


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May 27, 2000 from Dinah
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May 27, 2000 from Dinah

Hi Marge.

It's hard to put into words my experiences since receiving Babaji's reply but I would like to try and share this with you. As I wrote my e-mail to Babaji, I felt that he was with me while I was writing it. This is what I wrote:

Babaji hi,

I know you have come to me in the past on various occasions and I thank you so greatly for that - beyond tears, beyond words - and in the same breath I selfishly tell you that I want more connection with you. I know you are always there, but I don't always know how to reach you thru meditation. I'm not very good at it. The truth is I don't know how to put into words what my heart wants to know. I don't have many words to use. I don't know any Indian phrases , but I love you with all my being and with everything that I am and could ever be. I have always loved you, and I know, I forget you from time to time. Long periods of time... and I know you will feel the depths of my aching heart irregardless of this e-mail.

Babaji, help me to live simply and on the higher path. I want to know G-d. THIS IS ALL I WANT. This is the only thing there is for me. I want to be good, and I know I have done bad things in my life. You know what they are. I am looking for a teacher, yes I know they are all around me in the daily life, but I can't understand what they are telling me.

I have always known that Kriya Yoga is the way. I can't find someone here who will show me. Could you initiate me? I know you could, I guess my question is would you?

Love to you,

And this is what he wrote back (so very quickly!):


"I have forgiven you of past transgressions. Now you must forgive yourself. You need only chant the Mahamantra and invoke my name to reach me.

"The teacher is here in the teachings. You have been initiated many lifetimes ago. Understand? Walk on the High Path and be a Beacon of Light for all sentient beings.


From this person to Marge:

When I opened this e-mail I was jolted by the energy. Hard to describe. For the next 24 hours during hectic days I chanted in my mind OM NAMAHA SHIVAI and talked with babaji and things became clearer and clearer in my life. I felt this overpowering urge to succeed this time. I found an urgent need not to waste this lifetime.

That night I had a dream about Babaji and other holy beings. I was learning and serving them. All I really remember is Babaji saying to somebody not to let me fall asleep during something or other and that that was what God wanted.

Anyway, last night after a very long day I had a bath and during that time chanted OM NAMAHA SHIVAI and I felt in my being something was going to happen. I decided to rebirth (I have been blocked during rebirths for the past 5 years (+/-). I got into bed and continued breathing and chanting and talking to Babaji. I prayed for him to guide me through this rebirth (kriya yoga) and not let me fall asleep. Almost instantaneously I began the most intense rebirth I have ever had. I smelt this incredible odour of heavenly flowers and I knew Babaji was with me.

To describe the event (which lasted about 2 1/2 hrs - while my husband was sound asleep beside me!) is difficult, (as you no doubt know yourself) but I will suffice in saying that if I had any doubts about the connection between rebirthing and kriya yoga or Babaji and myself they have gone completely. I understand a lot more now.Actually even now, as I write this I still feel intense energy in particular points in my body.

Marge, I want to volunteer my time to your anything. Tell me how I can be of assistance and I will be.

Much love to you for helping to open up what has been dormant in me for "many lifetimes."


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