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Author Topic: May 29, 2000 from Nameless  (Read 1090 times)


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May 29, 2000 from Nameless
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May 29, 2000 from Nameless

Dear Marge,

Please forward this to Babaji for me. Thank you so much for all you do!!

Love and Harmony,

Dearest and Most Divine Babaji,

I've thought for a good while now about what I should write to You. I still don't know, so I'll begin here. I am most grateful that You have chosen to walk with us once again. I was very young and not awake yet during Your last visit. I've prayed that you would return during this lifetime of mine, and you have. Thank You. I have felt Your presence so strongly lately, I knew something very important was happening but wasn't sure what.

As You know, I have only in the last few months found my spirituality and my way to You. In these last few months, I've known more joy than I did in the previous 40 years of this life. I realise now that I have lived, pretty much continuously, for several 1000 years. I know that is but the blinking of an eye to You, but becoming aware of my past lives has answered many, many points of confusion. I became so close to You so quickly, I feel that our paths have crossed on this planet before. That is something I would love to have clarification from you on. Have we spoken in the flesh before? Did you know me in ancient Egypt or even before then?

I can see and feel so much of the ancient temples, I'm positive I was there. I can smell the damp, stone walls and even feel the heavy hemp robe on my back. I know you are by my side now, even as I write this letter, you are reading as I write. That makes me very happy! Please stay by my side forever and I will do everything in my power to stay by yours. As you know, I've been experiencing some very powerful, spiritual "situations" lately. Most of which I don't understand.

You know of the experience I had with lightening last month. Did I imagine that? Was it just coincidence? And my telekinetic experience. Should I try to develop that ability or is it of the darkness and something I should avoid?

Babaji, most beloved One, I could write volumes to You each day. I want nothing more than to be closer to You and to serve You. I am here for you. As I said before, I have been feeling your presence very strongly lately. When I meditate, I keep a picture of you in front of me so that when I come out of my meditation, Your divine and beautiful face is the first thing I see.The last few times, I've seen Your face grow older. Have You taken the form of an older man this time? I'm seeing You at about age 50.

There is SO much I want to ask you about but I will close this letter for now. I pray that you will respond to this humble servant. Your will is my command.

Forever Yours,

Babaji Responds:


"Yes. Yes. Not only here but in countless other dimensions have our paths crossed. Understand now that you have regained this awareness you have a heavy burden placed upon your heart.

"You are to be a Beacon of LIGHT, a messenger of the teachings of Truth, Simpilciity, Love and Service . This is your assignment in this great time of coming CHANGE. I am always with you.



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