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Author Topic: May 29, 2000 - from Nameless  (Read 1057 times)


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May 29, 2000 - from Nameless
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May 29, 2000 - from Nameless

Beloved Babaji!

Please accept my pranams at thy feet. Its so wonderfull that i could write to you. I love you so much. Dear Babaji please bless me & my family to live a life of Truth, Simplicity & love. I try to meditate every day but i don't know whether i am progressing at all.

Recently i had a severe back pain during the May allignment. Is it something to do with my chakras? I do get angry & irritated with my children sometimes when they are naughty. What do i do for this? Will my children settle down?

I love to to sing bajans at my home with others who would like to join me. Please bless us to do so.

I love my husband. He has lot of cholestrol. Please look after him.

My father has He is 65 yrs. I pray for his transformation. How else can i help him.

With all my meditation i feel very lonely. How do i feel God with me as i go about doing my daily chores. I like to talk to people & i do feel compassionate towards them but i am unable to reach out & talk to them. Why is this inhibition?

Bless us to have a satsang so that we could meet a lot of holy people. Thank you Babaji & i love you.

Om Namah Sivaya !
Your Loving child

Babaji Responds:


"How can you feel lonely. I am with you always. In your time of need you need only chant the Mahamantra and invoke my name. I am there instantly.

"Your children will settle down. Be patient. Don't you remember when you were a child? You are a good Mother. This is your service.

"Inspire your husband to change his diet otherwise there will be health problems ahead.

"You cannot change your father.You can only Love him,and if that love is strong enough, he will transform from that and not from my intervention.


From this person to Marge:

Dear Marge,

Please share my letter with others but i wish to remain anonymous. After receiving Babaji's letter i cried for hours together. I was really in bliss.



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