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Author Topic: Babaji was asked how to proceed at the next American Haidakan Samaj Meeting  (Read 1041 times)


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Babaji was asked how to proceed at the next American Haidakan Samaj Meeting

Babaji was asked how we should proceed at the next American Haidakhan Samaj Meeting, to bring people together and resolve the conflicts. These instructions He gave sound like a blueprint for ANY and ALL meetings throughout the world in His ashrams, centers, and even small groups of devotees getting together. It gets us back on target of what it is all about to "be a Babaji  devotee." It seems we have been off the track for way too long!

Please let me know if and when any of you try this. Our Samaj meeting takes place Labor Day Weekend, in September, but I think we will also do this during the Guru Purnima Celebration July 15-17. I know that even just READING it shifted my consciousness considerably. Tell me your reactions.

Om Namah Shivay
Love and Blessings,

Response by Babaji:


"What is important here is that in all of this where is my message of Truth, Simplicity, and Love? Where is my message of unconditional Service? And where is it that I can see the destruction of the Lower Self taking place and the walk onto the High Path? My last body was worn out by all of this ego nonsense. You see! This will only lead to misery and despair. Are these my devotees who are in conflict? Are these my devotees who create animosity? Are these my devotees living in Truth, Simplicity, Love and Service? Are these my devotees walking on the High Path? Understand?

"Now here is how you are to proceed. At the next annual meeting you will discuss the TEACHINGS. You will each give a talk on Truth, Simplicity, and Love. You will each share how you are in SERVICE. Then you will chant the Mahamantra and invoke the name of BABAJI. Then, in silence, you will observe each other, unconditionally, without judgment, without thought, until the space between the observer and the observed are one. In this moment, if your heart is ready ,I shall appear in your minds' eye, and I will speak to your hearts. Then you will discuss how each of you will help to bring the focus back to the TEACHINGS. After these steps are accomplished you may proceed to begin the process of resolving your conflicts.



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