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Author Topic: June 1, 2000 - from Nameless  (Read 1238 times)


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June 1, 2000 - from Nameless
« on: April 26, 2015, 10:17:17 AM »
June 1, 2000 - from Nameless

Dear Babaji,

Thank you for allowing us to ask you questions this way! It is very much appreciated.

To get right to the heart of the matter, I believe that things in this world are only temporary and that material desires can lead to despair... This is why I feel in my heart a great longing to know God again, because I think that connection will bring me true happiness. However, I am having difficulty bringing God into proper focus, with His/Her many faces and today's world teaches us to focus on many other things besides God (job, love, money, etc.) so I'm not always as strong as I want to be. I want to make your teachings the center of my life...I don't have experience with rituals or scriptures, but I can understand Truth, Simplicity, Love & Service.

My desire is to experience God directly, to know the Divine on a personal level. I struggle with questions and doubt sometimes, but I try. What is the best way for me to achieve my goal of surrendering to God and making that connection, while taking care of other business such as working a job and paying bills? How can I bring my desire for God into all aspects of my everyday life without losing focus?

Also, I fell in love last year and it ended in terrible sadness and loneliness. Since then I've needed companionship on a "human" level as well as a spiritual level. I've heard that human love is temporary and God's love is eternal, but I do not know God in my heart yet and that makes it difficult. Should my love for God come first before all other love? I hope this is not a silly question! I have heard several opinions on this subject but I trust you to speak the ultimate truth.

I have many other questions but these are the most important at this time. Thank you for being here for us, your presence and teachings are much needed.

Om Namah Shivaya,

Babaji Responds:


"The body needs food, shelter, clothing, and companionship. The spirit needs God. There is nothing wrong with working, having a career, and being spiritual. Work is Service. You are a SPIRITUAL being having a HUMAN experience. To make the connection chant the Mahamantra and invoke my name. Patience, companionship comes your way. Love all sentient beings unconditionally. Love God unconditionally. Both are equal. Your Higher Self has experienced God directly. Understand. Attach to it.


From this person to Marge:

Hi, mI read Babaji's answer to my questions today and just sat at my desk, lost in thought. He reminded me of something I've forgotten: we're not of this Earth, we're spirit "in the flesh" and we all have a touch of "amnesia" about our divine origin. Reconnecting with God is how we stop reincarnating. Yogananda has given many speeches about this and I've read it several times, but lately I've just focused on my problems and have forgotten to keep that in mind.

A strange little thing happened after work today. First of all, I stayed late, which is a first for this job. Then I was headed for my bus stop and noticed that I had some time to wait, so I stopped in Borders Books and went right to the Religion section like I usually do. I was scanning the shelves when my eyes landed on a book by Yogananda (and others) that I've never seen before. I pulled it down, opened it to a completely random page, and the first thing my eyes landed on was a paragraph that addressed the EXACT question that I asked Babaji today.

It was a very specific question about being a spiritual person in the age of technology and materialism, and this passage just jumped out at me!! Of course I went right over and paid for the book, wanting to read the entire thing. The book is "A World In Transition: Finding Spiritual Security in Times of Change". It was practically written for me! I do NOT think it was a coincidence that I found this book and opened it to that specific page, right when I needed that information... I hold Yogananda's writings in very high regard so this was a Godsend (literally).

Babaji's words are still sinking in and I've thought about them all day. They will be on my mind a lot in the future as well... Thanks for doing all this e-mailing back and forth for people!! You can share my question and answer with the group if you like, but please remove my name.

Om Namah Shivay


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