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Author Topic: August 2, 2000 - From J. - How To Cope With Anger  (Read 628 times)


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August 2, 2000 - From J. - How To Cope With Anger
« on: April 28, 2015, 08:22:25 AM »
August 2, 2000 - From J. - How To Cope With Anger

Dearest Baba,

I've not yet found in Your Teachings the way to cope with fear. Please could You give us a teaching on this. I ask not only for myself but for the good people in this neighborhood, some of whom feel the darkness and are very afraid. I've been trying to share Your Teachings through what they believe in. They are mostly Catholic and Baptist. Last night I woke up and the candle in the little temple if built for You had gone out. The darkness and fear were very thick. I chanted Mahamantra and turned to You. It got a lot better, but there's still residue. It seems I've been fighting this darkness, this fear all of this life. I know how to fight, but it seems You want us to be simple and quiet now - just to work, study and chant the Mahamantra. I obey.

Is this darkness the anti christ? I want to know what we're facing and how to cope with it and to help the others around me to cope also. I've been telling those who are available to pray and repeat the names of God. What can I tell others here in the bible belt that will help them to get through this time? Please guide us, we turn to You. Also how can I open the doors to really sharing Your Teachings? Is it possible to do this here or should I just continue to do the best I can? I've been afraid to move from here without a computer to maintain contact. My sister said she might be able to give me one. I pray for Your Blessing on this.

I Love You, Shri Guru,

Babaji Responds:


"Fear comes from the ego, the Lower Self. The real you fears nothing. Only a few will see your beacon of Light. Many will prefer darkness. Do not be concerned. Do the best that you can. You can move if you desire. I am foremost in your Heart, not the computer.


"Pinda Kacha, Sabda Sacha - The body is perishable, the word is eternal" - Babaji

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