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From Anonymous
« on: April 30, 2015, 06:07:14 AM »
From Anonymous

My Babaji,
Om Namah Shivaya !

Yesterday, we were at the Ashram. Before leaving, I had sought your blessings, and I had the most wonderful puja and experience which I shall cherish all my life. At the ashram, I was involved in the puja ceremonies personally - I hope you were pleased with what was done. We seek your blessings all the time. Babaji, the things I experience cannot be passed off as coincidence or miracles - I am now sure that these are your ways of telling me that you are listening to me. I do wish and pray for direct conversation but you know what is best for me.

Babaji, (my husband) has been trying very hard to get onto this spiritual path by meditation, prayers, etc. but somehow doesn't feel the growth. What is lacking and what has to be done? Please bless him so that I have a home which is truly blissful otherwise I tend to get very upset and angry. Please answer my prayers. You have been doing so up until now and hope you will continue to do so. I have been trying to live on the path of truth, simplicity and love - any other advice for me, please let me know. I love receiving a letter from you but this time I request you to write some more lines, not just a short note. Please, this is a deep request.

My Pranam and Namaskar

Babaji Responds:


"I am always with you. Always listening. The body is imperfect. Some are quick. Some are slow. Your husband must focus on patience. He will feel growth with time. Time is the great Teacher. My advice to you is do the best that you can in all of your endeavors. This is what matters most. Did you not feel my presence during puja ceremonies? You are a beacon of Light on the most High path.


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