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From J
« on: April 30, 2015, 06:14:15 AM »
From J

Dear Babaji,

I am happy we can meet this way. I have been praying to you for last 30 years. You are my constant guard and advisor. But sometimes answers are not too clear, being blurred by my own ego. If you could answer me thru this medium it would be a boon indeed. What do you see happening on the world scene for the rest of this year? And what do you think about the excavation of J.J. Hurtak under Giza in Egypt? Is he finding ancient artifacts which will change the earth? And when will ETS reveal themselves to the people on earth?

Thank you,

PS The answers can be shared with the entire list

Babaji Responds:


"You will always be disappointed trying to predict the future. Those who live by the crystal ball will eat glass. Why not focus on the now. Live as fully as you can in the present and you will not be disappointed. I am always with you.


Follow Up From J:

Thank you very much. I will obey this response.

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