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From J
« on: April 30, 2015, 06:33:44 AM »
From J

Beloved Babaji,

When I am surrounded by slandering, abusive, negative people, what can I do? I try to keep the MahaMantra going, I call on your name, and I try to remind myself that this is only a temporary situation - that as soon as I can manage it I will be relocating to another place where hopefully I will be able to manifest a more supportive environment to work in. Yet, I am unable to sustain it and get dragged down in the mud with them, cursing and angry. I am not very proud of my behaviour in the last 10 or so months, I have not been the person I know myself to be. And the problem is, I am , in some small way, the "beacon of light" for my family and a few friends, so when I get dragged down to the low path, it seems to effect them as well. Not good. The darkness has definitely descended upon (my town) and j'sworld. Any suggestions?

Much gratitude and appreciation,

Babaji Responds:


"I forgive you. Now you do the same. Focus on elocation. In the meantime when you chant the Mahamantra and invoke my name imagine in your minds eye that you are a mirror reflecting back negativity. This will slow them down until you can find a place conducive to your growth.

Afterthoughts by J:

Just wanted to share a result since using this technique of the mirror. The manager of the place where I work is being revealed as the instigator of much of the turmoil at work. She is so subtle, none of us had any idea, yet, somehow the veil dropped and we see how she says stuff, trying to turn one employee against another, and then sits back and looks sweet and innocent while enjoying the show. The other thing that is noticeable is that since I have just had the mirror up the whole time I am at work, this same manager has been having a series of small misfortunes ... really makes me think back through my time at this job, how much might have been caused by unconscious or conscious psychic attack by this person.



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