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From J - How To Overcome ...
« on: April 30, 2015, 06:40:44 AM »
From J - How To Overcome ...

Dear Baba,

How can I overcome the negative projections of others? How can I overcome jealousy, from others and in myself? What is the root cause of jealousy? What way are we to pray for those suffering in the fire purifications, when those around us are ready just to die, like my father? How can I overcome the vibrations of futility? I'm working every second to achieve the goals you set for me. Will hear from the job I'm hoping for today.

Babaji Responds:


"You ask many questions. I have answered all of them. Truth, Simplicity, Love. Focus on my message. Chant the Mahamantra. All of these questions can only lead to more questions. The mind and the body will get very worn out from this. Try to live, to observe, unconditionally, without judgment, without question, for a few moments. See how this feels.



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