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Author Topic: July 15, 2001, Babaji to Marge | Welcome Beacons of Light  (Read 1498 times)


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July 15, 2001, Babaji to Marge | Welcome Beacons of Light
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July 15, 2001, Babaji to Marge | Welcome Beacons of Light

On July 15, 2001, Babaji sent an email to Marge stating that there was a Forum where people could go to direct their questions to Babaji. He said His purpose was to find more Beacons of Light. This was originated by Babaji Himself, and it went on until August 4, 2001, when He stated there would be no more Forum. He said He had accomplished His purpose for now.

These are the interactions between Babaji and those who wrote to Him during that time period:

"Welcome Beacons of Light

"You may post your messages here understanding that Babaji may not respond to every posting. Sometimes a response is sent to the Heart or through a dream or an event. My message is Truth, Simplicity, Love and Service. I am only here to Serve and to share the Teachings. I am not here to convince anyone of anything in this form. I am no one. I am no thing."

Re: Welcome Beacons of Light

Dear Babaji,

Thank you for this opportunity for communication in this form. You are known by Your unconditional love and compassion. My deepest gratitude for all you have given and are giving. I strive to live the teachings of truth, simplicity, love, and service as the highest gift I can give to You in return for what You have given to me.

I am grateful that You have figured out how to lift the load from my shoulders and still serve Everyone so lovingly and selflessly. I am humbled by Your Grace and Your Blessings.

Om Namah Shivaya
Bhole Baba ki Jai!
In service to Shri Maha Prabhuji


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