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Author Topic: To My Beacons of Light  (Read 1032 times)

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To My Beacons of Light
« on: May 01, 2015, 07:08:33 AM »
To My Beacons of Light

I am here to share the Teachings. I am not a show, not an entertainment, not a crystal ball. I am no one. I am no thing. It is Truth, Simplicity, and Love which forms the foundation of the Teachings. It is Truth, Simplicity, and Love which created this vast multiverse and which powers the life force within. It is the bridge over your obstacles. It is your tool for destroying the Lower Self and connecting to the real you. It is the way to the High Path. Attach to the Teachings, not the Teacher. Many will look at the Teachings, few will live them. Many will adore the Teacher, few will admire the Teachings. What do I ask in return for sharing the Teachings. That you be of Service to all sentient beings. That you be a Beacon of Light for those moving through the darkness. That you do this unconditionally without regard to outcome. If you strive to live in Truth, Simplicity, and Love, if you are of Service, you will not be disappointed. If you live in the lower world of ego, your desire for things, money, power, and recognition, will never be satisfied, and only despair will result.


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