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Author Topic: The Silent Observer  (Read 969 times)

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The Silent Observer
« on: May 01, 2015, 07:38:47 AM »
The Silent Observer

Dearest Baba,

Is it possible to explain to our level of understanding? - Is the Silent Observer exactly the same in each? Or does It have different color, hue or expression in each? Or are these expressions differentials according to the level, plane, dimension the Silent Observer manifests in.

In other words, is It something like a crystal which is the same material throughout, but reflects different colors according to how it is placed in the sun?

Another example: Would Virginia's Silent Observer be exactly the same as mine only reflecting like her according to how she is placed in the Light? Whereas reflecting like me according to how I'm placed in the Light? Reflecting like a tree, a flower, and so forth in the myriad of Creation? I think You Understand what I'm trying to grasp. Thank heavens. Have applied this precious meditation to a typical American maya. The Silent Observer seared away attachment and dancing chemicals simply by focusing on the Heart. We tracked the exact spot in the body this maya was giving discomfort to. The maya seems very far away and unreal now.

Thank You, will practice this.

Your Jai Shri

Babaji Responds:

To Jai Shri

Your understanding of the Silent Observer is quite remarkable. Include it in your book.


Re: The Silent Observer

Dear Jai Shri

Thanks for sharing, this helps me to understand. I am thinking the "Silent Observer" Is a state of meditation. I am wondering if this is the "no one" "no thing" place that Babaji is referring to.

I am praying to find this place more often.

Thanks again for your heart felt sharing.


I Bow to you Babaji!


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