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Om Namaha Shivaya
Dear Babaji, Vasu Deva,

First, heartfelt pranams to Shri MahaPrabhuji

For me, ritual is a way to express my devotion and manifest a bridge between Divine Energy and everyday common reality. The time I spend doing Puja and Aarati helps me to align my day towards the higher path and connect with my heart (higher self). The discipline of ritual is also of benefit as is the way energy is moved.

I realize that some may attach to the form of ritual or practice it like some sort of "obsessive/compulsive disorder" or obligation and this can be a pitfall. When done with an open heart in love and true devotion it can open a door to awareness of the greater reality of Divine Love and Energy. I have found that while focused on the form of ritual on one level I can actually be freed from "form" on another level. I know that ritual is not a substitute for living in Truth, Simplicity, Love and Service, but I find it helps me to bring these into my life. My question at this time is this; I am very drawn to the purification of the fire ceremony, at some point would this be good for me to learn? for the highest good of all?

With Devotion, Premananda

Babaji Responds:

"Re: ritual

"The reasons you give for ritual are of the highest. You are drawn to fire ceremony for good reason. It would be good to learn it. But please, finish your other studies first."


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