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My Letter
« on: May 04, 2015, 06:56:44 AM »
My Letter

Hello Mahaprabhui, Babaji!

Full pranams, Bhole Baba Ki Jai!

I was wondering a bit about reiki. It is karma yoga, right? Not necessary in the ashrams, but otherwise?

What is the difference in doing jap while sending or doing something else, like the dishes?

Is jap-reiki more effective?

BTW, what do You think about sending reiki to someone like Bush to follow Your Teachings better? Do I violate his integrity?

Secondly, I'd be really thankful for some opinions regarding my ribcage. Should I fix (operate) it? Will it harm me when I get older otherwise?

Sometimes I also wonder about my mental health, and am worried that I have hurt myself too much, too often. Please Babaji tell me it is not so! The healer who sees colors also told me I carry a sorrow in my heart. What to do to increase the happiness back again?

Regarding my friends I'd like to know what gets two different people like M & K to change into almost identical beings. Why? What do I have to do with that??

I would also be thankful for Your advice regarding my dad and the family. I feel we're not as close as we should?

Otherwise I'm doing fine. My gratitude for the new apartment, it has space, yes. And some work (. . . . surprise surprise) I'm starting with the wallpaper today!

I'm planning on staying in this apartment for a longer time now so I'd be thankful for Your blessings to this one, too?

I have started looking for jobs now and feel again I want to make my own money. I feel confident regarding this project. This way I can also progressively focus on the healing career You have suggested to me to do.

My hobby circles mostly around music and dj-ing. I ask for your blessing regarding this, too. I know I can make it to the floors of the new age, with Your help at least!!

Please take away the doubts that stand between us so I can more easily, or even obediently, follow You.

Most importantly, I ask You to bless me for my life and everything with it to flow easily into, and with, "The Real Thing" or "The High."

Guide and encourage me as I walk the path. I want to make You proud and thus also serve You well. Please, Babaji, Wonderful One, bless this too.

I humbly ask for one more blessing for all my "near and dear" ones.

Thank You so much for hearing me.

Thank You so much for all the Divine help, leelas and gifts you have given me so far.

You go beyond words. As do my warm and loving feelings for you.

Full pranams,
Om Namaha Shivaya,

PS: Regarding my spiritual name: The signs (from You) were heavily pointing towards Nataraji for my name from both Mahesh and Jumani (during my first puja, remember?), not to mention the incident with my home altar.
Am I right, Master, this is the name? Ds.

PPS: I've landed at keeping up a more healthy and controlled relationship towards H. , at least for a while forward. It gets a bit lonely otherwise. Please comment if you see the need? Dds.

Babaji Responds:

"To Pontus

"Yes, Nataraj. It is good to send your healing energy to all sentient beings at once. It is best to ask for permission before sending to one sentient being.

"Approach any surgical procedure carefully. Proceed only if the benefits to you greatly outweigh the potential effects later down the road.

"Do not focus on those past events which placed sorrow in your Heart. Focus on the present. Live as much as you can in the present. Do this and you will not be disappointed.

"You are on the right track. You are coming out of the difficult period and entering into a period of opportunity. Do not be surprised by the synchronous events that occur in your life."


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