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Author Topic: ALOHA!  (Read 750 times)


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« on: May 05, 2015, 03:24:00 PM »

Om Namaha Shivaya, Beloved Mahavatar Babaji

Thou alone art mother and father to me,
Thou alone art kin and friend to me,
Thou alone art knowledge and wealth to me,
Thou art all to me, my Lord, oh Lord!

Shiva Babaji, I have found you after years of seeking.

You fill my heart with eternal Love, Joy Happiness, Constantly refilling my overflowing cup.

I truly seek the Path of Sanata Kumara with your grace and guidance.

To walk the Higher Path of Truth, Simplicity and Love with Service to mankind is my Spiritual Quest.

Thank you for your Kriya Kundalini Yoga. My first initiation is August 17, 18, 2001 - New Moon in Hawaii!

Om Lord Shiva, a response from you would be my Shambhavi Diksha.

Babaji Responds:


"I am always with you as you seek the High Path."


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