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Author Topic: Thank You Mahaprabhuji!  (Read 701 times)


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Thank You Mahaprabhuji!
« on: May 05, 2015, 04:03:48 PM »
Thank You Mahaprabhuji!


I have sent you emails before. Some I received replies back other's in your own way. I thank you for showing Your presence in my own temple.

I have a question. Why when I began to become closer to you are others either afraid or jealous, so they attack my integrity?

I wish only to share your teachings. Your love for all.

Is there anyway to learn the Aarati better?

One last thing Baba, when you gave a spiritual name was this a name they had before?

I share my Love and Light,
Om Namaha Shivaya

Babaji Responds:

"To Mike

"When a Beacon of Light such as yourself embarks on the High Path there will be fear based obstacles. Use the Teachings as the bridge to carry you over these and continue on your path. You will not be disappointed."


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