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« on: May 06, 2015, 07:28:33 AM »

Dear Nanna Lou

I like very much what you are saying about Equality. I hear Babaji saying he wants us to be independent thinkers, and in all our diversity the fact that "no one" is special gives some type of unity. A way we can ALL serve the best we can, where we are at.

I feel that if anyone would look at Babaji's words they will See Truth, it is when we want to get close to his body that we push and shove. Trying to prove we are his best!

Babaji says he is "no one" and "no thing." This is hard to get use to and accept. I am finding that it is helping to accept that I am no one too. But this does not mean we are unworthy of Love.

I hope these words are ok with you Babaji if they need corrected or if they need to be corrected please do so.

Your "no one" devotee


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