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Shared by R.M. Re: Communion with God
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Shared by R.M. Re: The Book Communion with God

Communion with God: - Interview with author Neale Donald Walsch by Tim Miejan

"When I gain entrance into your heart, you gain entrance into heaven. And your heaven can be on Earth. Everything can truly be 'on earth as it is in heaven' when the time of separation is over and the time of unification is at hand."

-- The time of unification is at hand --

Those words reverberate with power. The speaker is ... God. Neale Donald Walsch, known for his dialogue-filled conversations with God, steps aside and allows God to be the sole voice in the latest of his "... with God" series of books. In this new volume, entitled Communion with God, the written words of God detail step-by-step, chapter-by-chapter, 10 illusions that create separation between humankind and the ultimate reality of what is so. This book invites readers to see the illusions for what they are and to use each and every illusion to better realize the truth about who they are.

Neale Donald Walsch spoke with Tim Miejan from his busy office in Ashland, Ore., where is preparing to travel nationwide to let the public know just how vital this latest message from God truly is.

We have another "... with God" book - Communion with God. What inspired this new book? Is it part of a flow coming forth from you?

Neale Donald Walsch: I was told in Conversations with God - Book 3 that there would be two more books forthcoming, just when I thought really that the series had ended. They are Friendship with God and Communion with God. I was told that our relationship with God is very much like our relationship with each other here on this planet. Our contact begins with a conversation. If the conversation goes well, we experience friendship with that other. And if the friendship serves both of us, then we eventually move into a place of communion - or oneness - with the other person. Many people call this love.

What God said to me is that our relationship with God is no different than our relationship with each other. And if we allowed ourselves to experience it, just as we allow ourselves to experience a relationship with another human being, we would be grandly enriched and wonderfully blessed - if not greatly surprised at how things really work.

I am to assist people in remembering this. I think my mission on this planet is to remind people and bring people to a renewed understanding - a remembering - of what their right relationship with God really is.

People have been trying to find right relationship with Deity from the beginning of time. My mission here, in this lifetime, is to be a catalyst in assisting people.

The Communion with God book is a book that speaks with one voice - the voice of God. There is no dialogue. There are no questions and answers. It is the book I was promised I would write when I moved from my experience of Friendship with God to my experience of really deep connection with God, almost oneness with God, speaking with one voice.

The point of the book is that we all speak with the voice of God - indeed we all do. We call it something else, because it's difficult to accept that every word that we utter really is the word of God -- in that we and God are one. In that God's will for us is our will for us. In that we speak with creative authority with each word that we utter, producing our own reality in the very next moment - with our thoughts, words and deeds. This is indeed the message of the entire "...with God" series. And it is made very clear in Communion with God.

Communion with God speaks to the way in which we have constructed our lives in the relative reality that we call our life on planet Earth and in these physical bodies. Conversation with God and the entire "...with God" series differentiates between what you are, which it calls Ultimate Reality, and what you imagine yourself to be, which is our relative reality. Ultimate Reality is abbreviated by the initials UR. That is what you are - Ultimate Reality.

In the realm of the relative, we are living an illusion. And we are living it as magicians who have forgotten our own tricks. What Communion with God does is reminds the magician how the tricks are done. This is done not so the illusion is broken, but understood in terms of how it is being created -- and used to continue to produce specific and desired results, just as a magician uses his illusions for precisely the same purpose.

Communion with God discusses the 10 illusions of humans and outlines how those illusions have been created, how they have affected our lives when we lived them as if they were real, and how we may discontinue living our illusions as if they were real, although not discontinue the illusions themselves. Without the illusions, it would not be possible to experience who we are in the realm of the relative.

It is the most revealing of all the "...with God" books in that it shares with deep insight a perspective on life that only those who are connected to Ultimate Reality can see. So it acts as a bridge for those who are still lost in the maya or are still caught up in the illusion and those who have stepped aside from the illusion and use it as all masters do. There are such masters who have walked on the planet throughout the ages, and there will always be those masters who show us the way -- the way out of the illusion, out of the maze, and into the clearing once more.

That is what is happening now for many people. We are in a state of amazement, that is to say, we are caught in a maze - and it is an amazing experience, for sure. Yet, part of the amazement can be confusion and difficulty, pain and sorrow. And that need not be a part of the amazement, but it is for those who imagine there is no way out. Those who know there is a way out of the maze can enjoy being in the maze, knowing it is simply a process that can be enjoyed. We can smell the flowers. We can touch the vines. We can really enjoy being in there when we know it's simply a matter of following the right path, and then we're out of the maze. Mazes can be really frustrating when it appears there is no way out, which produces both the beauty and the anxiety of being in the maze. Or that the maze is all there is.

Walsch: Exactly. Communion with God will be, without any doubt, the most important of all the "...with God" books. It will be seen in years ahead as the most profound statement of WHAT IS REAL that has been produced in these early days of the 21st century.

Oneness seems to be a difficult thing for six billion individuals to embrace.

Walsch: Yes, and there is a reason for that. And when we understand the reason, we can begin to use the illusion of our separation. The reason it's difficult for us to embrace oneness is because if we embraced it all the time, we would not know what it was. So, we have to separate from the oneness, or allow ourselves to experience "other than oneness," to know what oneness is.

The experience of oneness is a gift, but the illusion of separation is a gift, as well. Because it is only through the illusion of separation that we can experience the Ultimate Reality of our eternal union. When we understand that, it is possible for us to experience the Ultimate Reality, but to do so sporadically. We don't have to do it all the time.

So it's a flow, in and out.

Walsch: Yes, what frightens people about oneness is that they fear the loss of self and the loss of individual identity. Now, the good news is that we don't have to lose individual identity in order to experience our true identity.

Do you think that's the purpose for our coming to this planet, to do that?

Walsch: It's the entire purpose of venturing into physical form, so that we might know the oneness and that which is not one. Even as a snowflake falls from the heavens, it experiences itself as the most exquisite and individualized and non-duplicatable version of the All, only to melt once again into the oneness. It turns first into snow and then melts into water, and then turns into vapor to return once again into All That Is, and then reforms itself as another snowflake and falls once again.

So a snowflake falling from the heavens is all part of an eternal process of evolution by which it knows itself both as individual expressions of the Ultimate Magnificence, and then returns to the Ultimate Magnificence to reform itself again. So we are all simply Gods in formation - or God's information!

Does understanding of the ideas in Communion with God require some level of spiritual maturity, or will everyone grasp it if so chosen?

Walsch: That statement is self-evident. Everyone experiences what they choose to experience, so the question answers itself. What we choose to experience, we do. If readers choose to grasp it, they will. Will everyone make that choice? That remains to be seen. The sooner that more of us makes the choice, the sooner more of us will experience Ultimate Reality, and that will change life on this planet.

Does someone need to be at a particular level to understand the material? The answer is no. I think anyone can come to the material and understand and grasp the material wholly. Why is the grandest illusion the concept that need exists?

Walsch: Because without need, all of the other dominoes fall. Only the idea that we need something causes us to have any other experience in life that we have - both good and bad. If we didn't need anything, we'd be static beings. We'd be, do and have nothing, which is the nature of the Ultimate Reality. The idea that need exists is the key that opens the door to relative experience.

It's the idea of need run amok that is the problem. The illusion of need is an important illusion, because it's used to create our entire experience.

Don't you think it's fearful for people to accept that what they're living is an illusion?

Walsch: I don't know. I would think it would be a liberation for most people. Like you use the analogy of the magician, a lot of us haven't known that we have created an illusion ourselves.

Walsch: You can't really appreciate the dream until you wake up.

All of the "... with God" books speak of being, not doing. Do you think it takes effort to stand in place and truly be who you are?

Walsch: It does, until it doesn't, anymore. So the answer is yes and no. It's like saying, is it hard to learn your multiplication tables. It is, until it isn't. It takes effort until it takes no effort at all, and then one realizes why it took such effort. It's like swim ing or riding a bicycle or anything one masters.

And part of your effort is to motivate people to begin the process, to consider making the effort?

Walsch: I'm not sure if that's the purest reading of what I am doing. I'm not trying to motivate people to do anything, but rather, I'm simply placing the information in front of people and they can do what they choose. I'm not a motivator. I'm not here to convince anyone of anything. I'm simply here to clarify, and then from those clarifications, people can make do as they wish. I really have no preference in the matter, any more than God does. But I do see myself as a clarifier so people can better understand the great mysteries of life. And who they really are.

Walsch: Yes. If I were a motivator, then there'd be an outcome I would desire. That's the difficulty in trying to motivate others. If you haven't motivated them, it looks as if you haven't done what you had come to do. It's the first step on the road to pain and disappointment.

For more on Neale Donald Walsch, go to Tim Miejan is editor of The EDGE.


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