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Author Topic: Special Babaji Email Shared By Marge  (Read 1778 times)

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Special Babaji Email Shared By Marge
« on: May 08, 2015, 09:18:44 AM »
Special Babaji Email Shared By Marge

Dear Friends,

Om Namah Shivaya

This is a special message that I don't believe I have shared before. I was thinking it was kind of 'personal' information, but I feel many of you on this list are ready for this, even though it was sent to me.

With regard to ritual, I have certainly done more than 10 years of the daily Aratis, weekly Fire Ceremonies, and all the big yagyas for special celebrations, as well as 8 trips to India to live in the ashrams. I love the rituals, but ever since Nate (Marge's son) is here, I have had to just learn how to create that same wonderful connection without even attending the rituals, even if I was the organizer of the events. This is another form of unconditional service.

I rejoice in the times I get to participate in the ritual, but I also rejoice in being able to stay with Nate and just "tune in" to the ceremony. Babaji has certainly taught me more and more about this during the emails. Whatever will open the heart to the Higher Path and the teachings is a great blessing in our lives. Being Nate's Mom has worked this on me especially after the years of ritual. Each individual accomplishes this in a unique way.

Babaji also gave me a warning not to worry about any other ashrams and to just concentrate on the website. This is upsetting to some people in "other ashrams" it seems, but I believe it was just a warning to focus on MY work and not let the thoughts or negativity of others affect what I know to be true in my heart. If I were worried about "seeking approval" from all the other "devotees," I would lose my heart connection real quick! Seeking approval is not of the higher path. It goes into the same category as gossip, actually.

In the last part, my husband (being the strict pujari-type devotee for so many years) had a great fear that letting people know about these email messages would cause a great separation among the devotees, and he constantly worried that this would be really horrible for me to be subjected to all the wrath of those who were unaccepting, judging, and negative about these messages. (Yet every time I read him an email from Babaji, he would say "Yes, that's true ..." like a lightbulb went on in his heart. And then he'd say "Wow! Whoever this guy is, he is REALLY smart to know all this ... who else would know this besides Babaji?") As a good husband, he was being very protective of me, even though it sometimes felt like he was just disapproving of the whole scenario.

I was probably naive about just how CRUEL people could be about it, but I also know that if you can't stand up for what you know is RIGHT in this world, then why in the heck are you even HERE? I was willing to go forward in order to serve humanity to the best of my ability in the way that Babaji asked. All these experiences have served to strengthen my heart. Bhole Baba ki Jai!

So far, the result of sharing the emails with more people has been a very blessed "cleanse" of those who were "hanging with us" for the less than highest reasons, as I see it. (This continues on.) Those who are clearly tuned into their hearts have always stuck with this humble little Babaji center and honored and respected what we do here, having faith that we are also following our hearts.

We are now attracting many new people who are really striving to live on the higher path. Now THIS is the way to live in spiritual community!!! Get together with no ego trips, everyone jumping up to serve the others, no one late for anything, no one trying to get out of doing the dishes or sweeping the floor ... it is wonderful! A great relief after living here for 20 years and starting to wonder about why ANYONE would want to live in a so called "spiritual community," with all the normal ego trips bashing against each other.

These are my musings as I share this special Babaji email with you on this list:


"You recall in my last body I spoke of rituals for the benefit of the people, to help them, to condition mind and body, as a way to step on the High Path. Then, I left that body as a message to concentrate not on ritual but on the message. Understand? This new technology will enable the message to be spread without the burden of ritual. Attach to the message not the ritual. This is for you. For others, the ritual is necessary to condition a mind and body that is not ready for the High Path. Just as Jesus came to dispense with ritual and concentrate on the message, Babaji has done the same by leaving the last body. This body is temporary and is being used to spark the creation of my website. Do not worry about the other ashrams. I warned you of this. Concentrate on the message. You are doing a wonderful job with the website so far.

"Yes, your husband is right about my messages causing friction and separation. You see! Truth, Simplicity, and Love are concepts that will always shake the foundations of humanity.


From Marge:

I think you can see how those who are of the lower path would tear this one apart and judge harshly about it, but that will have to be their problem. To me, it is precious. At some point, I will compile ALL of the emails where Babaji spoke of Jesus. I sometimes have the notion these two are one and the same. For sure, in 'christ consciousness,' all are the same at that level.

I would like to plan a "beacons of light" retreat here at the center, to which all who are striving to live on the higher path are invited. Now I just have to figure out WHEN, as we are in the winter weather and this presents a few challenges, perhaps. I'm sure if it is a strong desire in our hearts to get together in this way, and it is a service to humanity, it will happen!!! To discuss and experience Babaji's teachings together will brighten up all those beacons of light. Let me know what YOU think of this idea.

From my heart to yours,
Love and Blessings,
Truth, Simplicity, Love, Service and Living on the Higher Path


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