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Author Topic: 27 March 1983 - During Evening Darshan  (Read 1119 times)

Karma Yoga

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27 March 1983 - During Evening Darshan
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27 March 1983 - During Evening Darshan

"At this moment in Haidakhan the majority of you are Germans and it is your special duty to look after the activities, the management and discipline of the ashram. It is your duty to inform those who come, of what the ashram programme is and to enforce discipline.

"It is the duty of Har Govind Baba to give daily satsang of at least one or two hours to his brothers and sisters in the pyramid or in the garden. This is a must. The time is best in the morning, before work. If you teach them in the early morning, their minds are fresh and the prevailing atmosphere is clear.

"Many times before I have told you that you must be very alert and observe the rules of the ashram. The life of the ashram must be guided by alertness and attention. I do not like careless people. It is your duty to bring alertness, promptness and attentiveness into your lives.

"I want to root out the seed of laziness in the world. Everyone should be hard working. Those of you who are old must come to kirtan. Everyone must take part in the ashram activities according to their capacities. Firstly I give you karma yoga. You can advance only through karma yoga, by karma yoga you may benefit others also. A lazy person cannot do karma and is like a dead person. Give great importance to karma yoga and proceed. When laziness is rooted out from this world, all the world's sorrows and troubles will come to an end. Only hard work can make person powerful and energetic.

"Karma is of first and foremost importance in your life. Many times I have told you that only through karma yoga will I give you liberation. In this age it is the only type of yoga one can do, it is the only way to realization and progress.

"You must awake others and make them arise and be alert. If you are always alert, this will be of great benefit to you. You will achieve happiness and you will be saved from the calamities which are coming very soon.



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