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Author Topic: 10 April 1983 - Evening  (Read 1346 times)

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10 April 1983 - Evening
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10 April 1983 - Evening

Shastriji speaks on the occasion of the reading of the Guru Granth Sahib:

When the Supreme manifests and comes on to the stage of life, the ships of all world religions come to sail the seas. Books written some thousand years ago make it clear that God comes for the benefit of devotees of different religious paths and by doing so He unites the different paths - making them one. What good fortune we have to witness the divine lila with our own eyes!

Shri Babaji made temples for the worshippers of different Gods - for Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma, Surya Narayana (the Sun-God), Guru Gorakhnath, Lord Kartikeya (he who has six heads, eldest son of Lord Shiva), Dattatreya Bhagwan (Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva together), the Mother Goddess with Ganesh and Bhairava, Lord Hanuman, Sita and Rama, etc. All Gods have been accorded respect by being installed here; they have the absolute right of being worshipped. At the same time, they are symbols of all religions.

Shri Babaji has organized the recitation of the Guru Granth Sahib at this sacred place. He thereby sets an example for all to follow. When such studies are undertaken in sacred places it charges them with divine energy and, like the flow of the waters of the river Ganga, benefits the whole world. Whenever recitations of such sacred scriptures take place, the vibrations go throughout the three worlds; bhu - earth, bhuvah - atmosphere, svaha - sky. But the recitation of the Guru Granth Sahib last year and this year, here at Vishwa Mahadham, will reach the highest heaven - sachkhand - the seventh heaven, which is the heaven of Absolute Truth.

Rishis and maharishis have always recited and studied great scriptures in holy places, because they wanted the sound waves to reach through the seven heavens:

bhubhuvah-svaha-maha-jana-tapa-sat - earth-atmosphere-heaven-great heaven-heaven of knowledge-heaven of penance-heaven of Truth. To direct sound through the seven heavens, it is necessary to have these studies taken up at such sacred sites.

Guru Nanak came very near Hairakhan to do tapasya (to practice austerities). When he was on his way to Rita Sahib (a sacred site in the Himalayas), he passed through Hairakhan and the tenth Guru (of the Sikh religion), Govind Singh, created a water source and lake with his arrow at Hemkund (Golden Lake) 10 km northeast of Hairakhan. The Lake is still there and is a sacred site. Guru Harkrishan created Harishkund. When he returned to Nanakbata, Guru Nanak passed again through Hairakhan. It has been said that wherever he made footprints he left marks, enriching the sites with sacred vibrations.

Hairakhan's beauty stems from the presence of Mt. Kailash, where Lord Shiva did penance, and from Mt. Siddheswar, where Lord Vishnu did penance. Nearby is another spiritual center, Hemkund, where Guru Nanak did penance. For this reason, this area is particularly sacred. Whatever saints like Guru Nanak have preached is given practical application by Shri Babaji, in that He makes people execute His teachings. Shri Babaji shows us the practical side of the teachings of great saints like Guru Nanak, who did not preach a particular religion or cult. He gave teachings of spiritual perfection, valid for all mankind. To follow these teachings is to realize good for all humanity and the unity of all humanity and the unity of the individual soul with the universal Soul. It is for this reason that Shri Babaji is spreading His teaching, so that we may understand unity. What great sacrifice Guru Nanak made for the sake of humanity! Now his disciples offer their lives for the sake of religion, unity and truth.

Shri Babaji now spreads these teachings throughout the world; whatever Guru Nanak taught, Babaji will apply in action. It is only after many years that the practical form of these teachings evolves. When preached by the saints, the words are read, meditated on and only much later are they given practical application. The time has come for the teachings of Guru Nanak to be put into practice.

We calculate time with our limited minds; either after or before the birth of Christ. And in India we calculate time according to the reign of some of our great emperors of ancient times, like Vikkram Sambat or Shak Sambat. In reality, however, time cannot be measured. Time is infinite, eternal. Mahakal, the Lord of Time, is, for Shri Babaji, like the twinkling of an eye - all these millions and billions of years.

Today technological progress has created atomic weapons which can destroy the world in seconds. But our great saints of the past, with their teachings and scriptures, have created an antidote to these destructive weapons. Only after the Lord had created nectar did he create poison. Therefore, all of you have to be very alert. The mere sound of these scriptures purifies, even without an understanding of their meaning. So listen attentively and be benefited by them. They are not ordinary words and sentences written by anybody. Their sounds and words are like mantras, full of spiritual power. It is said that intellectuals write in order to explain, but such explanation comes afterwards; first come the words of highly realized souls, then an explanation may be given. What a saint says or writes is not to be measured with the intellect. The words of the saint - not the explanation given afterwards - provide the measure for right and wrong.

Shri Babaji has come to save righteousness and to remove unrighteousness. He is the greatest and highest power but He has come with a human body to do that which no other power but He could undertake. Staying in Hairakhan, Shri Babaji manifests Himself throughout the whole world. People from around the world come every year to have His Darshan. Even without coming here, many experience Shri Babaji in their own countries. But when they come here, Babaji gives them Darshan, actual experience. When they come here, they realize He is the same. This is Babaji's greatness - without leaving this country, He manifests His powers throughout the world. Over twenty countries were represented here to celebrate a spectacular Christmas last year, touching the hearts of all.

There are many places in India where ashrams of Shri Babaji have been established. India in this way is very fortunate, to be the place of divine incarnations like Rama and Krishna, where many saints have appeared, like Guru Nanak, of highest spiritual development. Shri Babaji, moreover, is blessing people in India individually by going from house to house.

(Then followed an invitation for breakfast for the next day, the end of the reading of the Guru Granth Sahib and the injunction to render service during the Bhandara, to show good comportment as resident volunteers of Shri Babaji.)

Babaji concluded:

"All of you are soldiers of Hairakhan. Do your duty with faith and devotion. You must remove hatred and jealousy from your hearts to be of real service. All of you must climb the mountain of victory."


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