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Author Topic: 20 April 1983  (Read 1247 times)


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20 April 1983
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20 April 1983

At the annual meeting of Haidakhandi Samaj, Shri Shastriji read a speech which Babaji had dictated to him earlier in the day:

Duties of the Haidakhandi Samaj
It gives me great pleasure to be addressing the half-yearly meeting of the HAIDAKHANDI SAMAJ. The main purpose of the Samaj is service to humanity. Service to humanity is the best service to God. Our motto is 'work is worship.' It is our duty, as those working within the Samaj, to show the path to those who are in need of help, inspiring them to overcome lethargy which is the cause for inaction in the world, inspiring them to work. Therefore, I first want to root out lethargy in you. In this Yuga, the only way to obtain siddhis, to become really strong, is Karma - action.

Goswami Tulsidas said in his 'Ram Charita Manas': "The Lord Himself created the law of karma - as you sow, so you shall reap." Keeping this basic principle in mind, our main duty should be to spread the message of karma in the world, we ourselves giving an example to all, by practicing it. Whenever true progress was made in the world, it was due to the hardworking individuals of a particular Age. Today it is our task to go everywhere, from house to house, spreading righteousness, guiding everyone on the path of karma , giving them practical instructions, being ourselves examples. By karma alone can we become prosperous. We have to work to our last breath.

Shastriji's comments to the General Meeting
The HAIDAKHANDI SAMAJ is, in fact, an ancient association but the continuity of its work was broken with time. With His reappearance, Sri Mahaprabhuji has graced us with re-establishing the Samaj. Not long ago Hairakhan was an inaccessible place but with transport and other facilities now being provided, it has become easy for everyone to come here. Now there is even provision here to feed the hungry, to give the thirsty to drink, to clothe the poor.

We all are eye witnesses to the fact that Sri Mahaprabhuji Himself is the greatest karma yogi. He is continuously present among us, in an effort to teach us karma yoga, directing all the work tirelessly from morning to night without any need or desire for Himself. The astonishing fact of Sri Mahaprabhuji's way of working is that we see people from all parts of the world coming here. We also know that His message is rapidly spreading everywhere - thousands are coming for His Darshan. Other holy men go abroad to spread their teachings - still their work stagnates. Sri Mahaprabhuji has never left this divine center to go to foreign countries, yet the glory of the name of Haidakhandi is spreading to the four corners of the world.

The aim of this meeting is to make us realize fully that, like children of the same father, we must help one another, overcoming jealousy and hatred, and spreading good will among men.

The real miracle of Sri Babaji is that he has transformed this place through His spiritual power alone - there was nothing, now there is a garden in which the river of plenty is flowing. Without external help, solely through the power of His perfect Being, many temples and ashrams have been built in several Indian states, as well as abroad. Within the thirteen years since His appearance, people from all walks of life have come here and received in plenty.

Although the constitution of this association, the Haidakhandi Samaj, and its legal registration took place only three years ago, Babaji's impact on every sphere of life, His message of Truth, Simplicity and Love make it evident that it will not be long before Sri Mahaprabhuji will remove pain and poverty in the world and awaken the consciousness of universal brotherhood, spreading true peace and joy. Sri Mahaprabhuji will transform the world. Having pledged Himself to serve humanity, Sri Mahaprabhuji is immersed in activity. He will unite mankind through the force of His spiritual power and show it a new direction for progress.

To spread education, true knowledge is essential - from it will grow universal love and brotherhood. This is how a new generation of brave and enthusiastic people will grow up, once the helpless have been given support. In Hairakhan, provision has been made for medical service and poor scholars are receiving free education from the ashram funds. Likewise, you should look to the areas of your countries where people are poverty stricken and helpless and then do all you can to raise their standard of living, teaching them cleanliness and high morals. To serve the needy truly and from the heart is true service to God. Sri Babaji has now totally committed Himself to liberate the world.

Dear devotees of Babaji - you who are obeying His orders to the letter, be determined to proceed on this divine path. Awake! Arise! Go and learn from the wise! Become brave karma-yogis of the Lord! So as not to be caught in the whirlpool of the world, where there is little hope of escape, become part of this nucleus of a universal family, the HAIDAKHANDI SAMAJ! Give support to its message and activities!



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