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Title: 1 January 1984
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1 January 1984

"The fact is that all of you have assembled here at the foot of beautiful and pleasant Mount Kailash. You all are sitting in the courtyard of that beautiful cave, the greatness of which has been described in the Vedas. And you are the most fortunate ones in the whole universe - you are all witnessing and enjoying the first new sunrise of the New Year in this very holy and beautiful valley of the Himalayas.

"At one time this whole valley was covered by snow and the mountains were covered by snow. I have told you the mystery of this place. My brothers, this is the real, original Kailash. Mahadeva (Lord Shiva) resided here with Mother Parvati for thousands and millions of years. Even before the whole of Creation, this place was here.

"I have told you before the story of Mansarovar (Kailash). When Manu (the first man) was created, he wished that the Creation would be expanded. He performed penance and Yagya there. He installed a symbol of Lord Shiva there. This gave rise to the name of Mansarovar for the lake - from his name, Manu. Considering all these facts, you can conclude that this is the original Mount Kailash. This is the only mount where the Gods, Goddesses, Sages and Seers and the Angels (Gandharvas) reside. Now all of you can understand the great significance of this holy place. It is the greatest holy place of the world.

"There are many holy places that are limited to a particular religion. There have been and are many temples, churches and religious centers, but this is the only universal pilgrim center. That is what gives this place its great significance. All the Gods and Goddesses - the divine beings - reside in the mountains around here.

"Today, as the year 1984 starts, I am happy to give you all congratulations and good wishes. Let this year be happy, auspicious, and blissful for you.

"May all of you be liberated! May success be yours!

"I have already told you before that the difficult times are very near. Awake! Arise! Go to the wise an learn from them. All of you must unite together and face these calamities. Jai Mahamaya Ki Jai! JAI VISHWA!!!

"There is an Indian slogan 'Jai Hind!' It means 'Victory to India!' But I want the welfare of the whole universe so I am starting a new slogan - 'JAI VISHWA!' ('Victory/Honor to the Universe!')"