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Title: 14 May 1982
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14 May 1982

Babaji again spoke briefly to the evening Aarti crowd on May 14. Four Italian devotees were to leave the following morning and Babaji had personally arranged to have them taken to the Dam site (where a road starts) with horses. "Italians come here in great numbers. Their devotion is great. If two hundred Italians were at Herakhan, it would cause a revolution in the ashram.

"Today the Italians are a great disappointment. Now they are lazy and all they want to do is sleep. They don't like to work. I want horses of a good breed, ones that are always alert and work hard. Some horses are so alert that they do not even sleep at night.

"Italy has degenerated from what it was during the Roman Empire. Now they have fallen. I want the future generations of Italy to be better. All Italians must be ready for revolution. The impurity which has cropped up must be rooted out. I want you to understand what I am teaching.

"I want you to cooperate in spreading the word throughout Italy that a revolution is coming. You must publish it in all the newspapers and broadcast it through the media. Tell them a revolution like Mussolini's is coming. You must all become brave like Mussolini, soldiers for your country.

"You must all consider yourselves soldiers of your countries, and spread my word by every means available, throughout the world. Repeat OM NAMAHA SHIVAYA and pursue your devotional practices."