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Title: We Welcome You and Your Participation
Post by: BuddahBoy on May 07, 2015, 07:56:04 AM
We are a small group of Babaji devotees dedicated to spreading awareness of Babaji and the teachings of Babaji, His desire for humanitarianism and of spiritual practices.  The purpose here is to create a community that will discuss the Teachings and ask questions about them. 

We encourage the participation of those who are not familiar with Babaji and His Teachings as well as those who are.  We would like to assist in helping pave the way for all to become  Babaji's Beacons of Light.

Babaji spoke frequently about the utmost importance of the Teachings.  For example:

"It is the Teachings that survive the Teacher. It is the Teachings that survive the Rituals. Constructing a Cathedral to God is building for the Ego, the lower self. Constructing a Cathedral to share the Teachings, to Serve humans, to promote Peace, to end poverty, war, loneliness and despair, inequality ... this is the true monument to God. There are scant few of these."