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April 1999 - Marge
« on: April 29, 2015, 10:55:50 AM »
April 1999 - Marge

I wrote and asked about the various oddball things happening in my life just then. (There were PLENTY!!!)

Babaji Responded:

"You see the wheel of maya spinning round and round, so fast that those who do not want to touch the real fall off. They fall off because they are content to fill the black hole within. Fill it with money. Fill it with power. Fill it with relationships. Fill it with scholarship. But you know that this empty hole cannot be filled because that is what the human is. Understand? An empty black hole. Nothing. No-thing. Misery and attachment to the lower self is the result of this futile attempt to fill the black hole. You see? "Now let go of those who fall off the spinning wheel of maya. Don't hold on. Don't depend on them. Attach to those who know the futility of filling emptiness, nothingness. Attach to the real. This is the message. Understand?

"You will come to possess the ability to know the real. You will see it in others. They will help. But first, you have to see the unreal. See its destructive tendencies. See its attachment to the lower self. See the lies, the complications, the selfishness. Now go out and seek those who are real, who understand the difference between the lower and higher self, who try diligently to live in Truth, Simplicity and Love. They will help you with this project. (the website www.babaji.net) They are few but only the few can put this together to reach the many.

"Visualize your consciousness expanding, meeting other sentient beings, seeing others attached to the real, coming forth with help. Do you see this? Go, go, now. Act upon the vision.


Marge here: Please tell me what these messages mean to you. They require some study to really get it. What I would have to do is print them out and carry them around with me to let it soak in ... and every time I read it, even months apart, there are deeper and more effective meanings.

Om Namah Shivaya


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