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Author Topic: September, 1999 - Ashram  (Read 6598 times)

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September, 1999 - Ashram
« on: April 29, 2015, 11:04:54 AM »
September, 1999 - Ashram


"The true location of Babaji's Ashram is in the heart. Do not become involved with the politics of destructive egotism. This is very serious. This is not an entertainment. This is not a show. The simple place can house the most glorious ashram. Truth, Simplicity and Love. The ashram is not a showplace for entertainment. It is simply a place where devotees can gather to learn about and discuss the teachings. If the teachings are lost, the ashram will cease to function. See! Thus if the devotee has the ashram in the heart, there can be no politics, no showplace, no entertainment. Understand? The Ashram is a tool to help human beings get on the high path. It is not the path itself. When the purpose of the ashram is to perpetuate itself rather than share the teachings, then the ashram no longer serves its purpose as a tool. The ashram is no-thing, just like Babaji. When it becomes some-thing, it falls into the low path.



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