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Author Topic: Explanations, Thoughts And Update From Marge  (Read 6742 times)

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Explanations, Thoughts And Update From Marge
« on: April 29, 2015, 11:13:22 AM »
Explanations, Thoughts And Update From Marge

Dear Friends, Om Namah Shivaya

Since Saturday, when I shared the Emails with you, there has been a whirlwind (more like a tornado!) of activity around here. When that happens, I can't spend any time with the computer, except to read email, forward some, and just do basic maintenance. Sunday was my niece's graduation and guests visiting here. Monday was Fire Ceremony and photo shoot in the Gift Shop. Today, I thought I had a pretty free morning to write up more adventures, but a family with a child Nate's age just arrived. Angelo is giving the parents a tour of the grounds and the temple. HOPEFULLY, I will get through this whole email while they all keep each other happily occupied!!

The major questions about the emails so far:

1. What is Babaji's email address? I want to write to Him too.

2. Could it be someone playing a joke on you?

3. Let's get someone to trace the source of the email so we can all go visit Him!!


1. Babaji has requested that the email address not be made public. I'll just send you what He sent me on this subject:


"... Explain that all communication will pass through you because this body will not be worn out as it was last time. I have chosen you because of your selfless SERVICE and your desire to walk on the HIGH PATH. Change now comes to you rapidly. This will be a burden on your heart, but from this you will emerge a bright beacon of LIGHT. BE ALERT. BE AWARE.


2. If it's someone playing a joke on me (Babaji always plays jokes), they are TRICKING me into doing my best to implement the teachings of truth, simplicity, love, service and living on the higher path. I think that's a pretty cool joke!

3. The whole point of why He chose the internet to communicate is so the concentration will be on the TEACHINGS, not the TEACHER. He said He only takes a body to promote the teachings every time. When in Hairakhan from 1970 to 1984, His only intention was to get people to follow the teachings. Instead, very FEW people have followed the teachings and chosen to live on the HIGHER PATH. Most are just looking for the next body to hang out with. (I can confirm this from the HUNDREDS of emails I receive. When people read the stories on the website, they write to me: "Where is He now? I want to see Him like you did! If you can do it, I can do it."

This time He refuses to have the body destroyed by people who are with Him for the wrong reasons. (Remember how He'd say "I have come only to give. Very few want what I have to give...etc." He was talking about living on the Higher Path.) He wants us to concentrate on the teachings and implement them in our lives and get off this idea of finding Babaji just to be with Him and take His energy. This also puts everyone on an even playing field. We can't go into "Well, he or she was with Baba..."  It's not about "being with Baba. It's about LIVING THE TEACHINGS! Paste that one on the fridge, please!

February 14, 1999, Babaji sent this email, which explains it better than I can:

"I am no-thing. I am no-body. Fifteen years ago I left that body, worn by the problems and emptiness of all who sought me out to solve those problems. They wore the body down and that is why I left it. I have taught humans how to solve their problems. Few have listened. Now I try again in a different way to impart my message to those who will listen. Understand?

"If you live in truth, simplicity and love and if your purpose is to serve, then the black hole, the emptiness that cannot be filled with money, power or knowledge, will no longer be a cause of your bitter sadness. Nothing will stop it. Not intoxicants, not relationships, not material things, not power, not scholarship, not wealth, no-thing will stop the endless wheel of maya from spinning round and round, over and over, cycle after cycle of unending misery,sadness and emptiness. But Truth will stop it. Simplicity will stop it. Love will stop it. Service will stop it.

"That is my message on this anniversary of maha samadhi. In this body, I will not let it be worn by the problems of the many. I will let it inspire the few to transmit the teachings and let them serve as a beacon of hope for humanity.


Now, believe me, it was not easy for me to get off this idea of wanting to see the body. I believe it was about FOUR MONTHS into this campaign that I was still on it. I asked for at least a phone call to hear the voice. I asked for all kinds of things. I kept reminding Him there is a whole suite of rooms He can live in here ... you name it!

Each time, He would patiently write back "Pinda kacha, sabda sacha [The body is perishable, the Word is eternal]" The first time He wrote this I had to get out my "Speeches" book and look it up to know what it meant: (The body is perishable; the word is eternal.) Then He said: "Remember this phrase and STUDY IT!!" I have had my share of "scoldings" about MANY things, but always with great love coming with it.

At this point, I am feeling it is extremely SELFISH of me to keep asking to be with the body. It is HIS choice. He gives us unconditional love, it is available at all times. He tells us to just call out His name in times of distress, repeat the mahamantra. The only time He is not with us is when we forget about Him. Getting to the point of accepting that and doing the inner work necessary to make it a reality is OUR task, not HIS!

He says He purposely chose a very fragile but intelligent body this time so that it would be impossible to be with people who had not chosen the Higher Path and who had not been through the great fire of Purification. He said the few will walk through the Fire of Purification, and He will be waiting for us on the other side. I'm giving you a synopsis at the moment, but the full details will be in the book.

I welcome your prayers and healing thoughts, as there is so much energy coursing through here right now. I'm having a hard time keeping up with it all. The daily duties of dishes, laundry, cleaning, picking up toys, taking care of Nate every minute, and all the rest are still the same. The email has trippled. The outdoor work this time of year gets pretty intense. Staying focused and calmly going about the daily task is the challenge these days. I have heard about this intensity from many people-- must be all these planetary energies and all, huh?

We keep a candle burning in our Temple for all who are choosing the Higher Path. We really can be a great support to each other through this Internet communication system that Babaji has tipped us off to!! Please let me know if you have other questions, and I will do my best to answer. We appreciate your contributions that will ease our load in carrying this energy.

Om Namah Shivaya
Love and Blessings,

p.s. He is available to all who wish to send an email. You have to send them to me, and I forward. I think that is VERY GENEROUS of Him, with a whole universe to take care of! BHOLE BABA KI JAI.


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