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Author Topic: 5 January 1982  (Read 2811 times)


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5 January 1982
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5 January 1982

During evening darshan

"Babaji says that many Western people like Lokpal Singh (the chief minister of Justice), Motu Begum Mahal, Radhe Shyarn, Sita Ram, Ganga Singh etc., have helped to create unity in the Haidakhandi Samaj. They work day and night to contribute to this unity. You should all follow their example. These people have worked very hard for the benefit of human beings in this world. Baba congratulates everybody. Gora Devi does tapasya (austerities) day and night for the benefit of the world. Babaji hopes that by the great effort of these devotees, things will become good. People should follow their example. Little time is left before you shall see the new world. You don't have to wait much longer now.

"To all the Italians who have worked very hard, who search diligently for God, to all of them Babaji is very grateful. The Italians will soon rejuvenate the Sanskrit language and the old Roman culture will be revived. Babaji hopes all the Italians will follow the path of truth and leave their addiction to drugs, which are not good for them. Babaji requests all the people who come here not to get addicted to drugs or other things like that, which are bad. Learn good, teach good, try to be good, hear good. Do good deeds and teach others. Babaji' hopes and plans that there shall be peace in the world without weapons.

"Babaji hopes to spread knowledge and stop the atomic science which is bad for the world. Today the world depends much on atomic energy. Whenever such sciences have reigned, the world has been destroyed. This is why during the time of the Ramayana, under the demon Ravana, Lanka was destroyed. Science today still has not reached the limits of knowledge that existed in the time of Mahabharata. Science then had really achieved limits that have not been reached yet today. For example Laxman was able to place a protective line around Sita which could not be broken.

"Babaji wishes for peace in the world. You may think that Babaji just sits here doing nothing. But He has been everywhere and is everywhere and is doing much. Babaji sitting here is still present in the hearts of everyone in the world.

"Babaji shall see that there is great peace in the world. It has been written in all our great religious books that when Babaji comes, He shall be loving and help the cause of peace.



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