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13 May 1982
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13 May 1982

Babaji spoke briefly to an evening Aarti crowd on May 13, 1982. At the time he spoke, a fierce rain storm was subsiding. Unseasonable rain and cold wind storms had been sweeping through the Herakhan valley for two days, and Babaji was emphasizing what he had said about the weather in private to a small group of people the day before. Babaji asked Om Shanti to repeat what He had previously said, and then prompted her when she began the recitation. What follows is a composite of Babaji's statements, rendered with the help of Om Shanti:

"The temperature at Herakhan will become like Badrinath*. Snow will cover the mountains, valleys and the banks of the Gautama Ganga. You can't imagine how cold it will become at Herakhan. Below Bareilly, people will die from the storms and floods. The atmosphere will change completely. There will be so much cold that people will die. Those who repeat OM NAMAHA SHIVAYA, who are righteous, and those who are God-loving, will be protected."

* Badrinath is a sacred pilgrimage temple in the high Himalayas.


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