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Karma Yoga

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25 June 1982
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25 June 1982

Babaji had asked the Italians to sing an Italian song. When they made no response, after a little time, Babaji spoke:

"You must all sing bhajans (devotional songs) wherever you are. In your countries you should assemble at least weekly for bhajans and kirtan (songs repeating God's names).

"I emphasize work - karma yoga. The real bhajan is to do work. An idle man is like a corpse. You must work.

"Make ashrams. As there are islands in the sea, you should make ashrams in the ocean of the material world. Do not make small ashrams, like individual huts, but big, central ashrams, where many people can gather and learn to work together.

"All of you have worked very hard here, with love. Those who dedicate themselves to universal service are fortunate and great.

"Morning and evening you should spend time reading the scriptures and the literature of Herakhan.

"Everyone here is a soldier of Herakhan. Be dutiful for the sake of duty. Be prepared to make sacrifices. Do not fear the floods and flames of life. Be alert and prepared to face changes. Give this message to your countrymen. The time has come! Do you understand? Be alert!"


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