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Babaji Speaks . com was a special website documenting Shri Haidakhan Babaji's correspondence with His devotees on the internet. All information from the site is presented here and is incorporated in as well.

Most of Babaji's correspondence was through email passed to and from Babaji by Marge Meduna-DeVivo during the period of December 9, 1998, through August 4, 2000. These emails are shared in "E-mails with Baba." There are hundreds of these emails - not all will be published on the site.

The emails to Marge from Babaji and from Marge to Babaji are found in the section "Baba to Marge."

The are many messages that were from the "Babaji Forum" which was set up and moderated by Babaji directly.

Those who wrote to Him through the forums were able to get direct replies without passing them through the usual email process. ALL who read the Forum could read what everyone else wrote and what Babaji replied. This was connected to the website from July 15, 2001, until August 20, 2001. On August 20, all messages except one (announcing a Living the Teachings Support Group List) were removed from the Forum. The only one who had the authority to remove those messages was the Forum Moderator, Babaji. Fortunately, all of them were copied and were presented on the Babaji Speaks . com website.  All of this valuable information is available on both and are also set out on this website.

None of the verbiage of Babaji's messages was edited in any manner, it is just as He wrote them. 

ALL of these messages show a level of compassion, unconditional love, and deep understanding of the Teachings of Babaji, encouraging all who read the material to Live on the Higher Path.

As Babaji states again and again, He is with us always. In any time of need, all we need do is repeat the Mahamantra (Om Namah Shivaya) and call out Babaji's Name. 


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