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Author Topic: Beautiful Post From "N" Explaining the Personal Meaning of This Website  (Read 13436 times)


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Position/Unconditional Love


You know me all too well. What I am enjoying about this form of contact is that there is no distraction of a physical body - I can concentrate on the TEACHINGS, rather than "judging" where I fit in with the others, or worrying about "position."

ALL are EQUAL in Your eyes and worthy of unconditional love. ALL can receive from you and there is no "better devotee" because they saw You in a body. The "hierarchy" sometimes turns into a new form of caste system of those who saw Babaji being "better" or "more lucky" than those who did not. In other words, another way to boost the ego and put others down, or have power over others.

This gets all too ugly in the community and stops many from being more deeply involved. Your details of how to live the teachings are filling in the blanks for me of what I did not understand before. I am grateful.
Even with this form, we could get egotistical and think we are"'better" because we found this, but all you say here points us to the HEART - that is the ultimate place to find Babaji and available to ALL, all the time.

By concentrating on the Higher Path, we CANNOT play these games on each other and still remain on the Higher Path, living Truth, Simplicity, Love, and we need to stop judging others in the process.

I await your thoughts on these thoughts.

Thank you.

Babaji Responds:

"To N

"And you know me all too well Beacon of Light."


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