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Thank you!
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Thank you!


I have never participated with any Babaji group, but I have deep love in my heart for Him, and He has helped me over and over in so many situations. When the group I study and meditate with does its world healing and blessing work, we hold all groups seeking to lift all life on the planet and in the universe, in a network of Light, Love, and Goodwill that enfolds all the planet, to bring forth the very highest possibilities, choices , awarenesses and insights, visions and purposes in all groups and kingdoms and places and situations.

I am so blessed to read all of your questions and responses from Babaji and other participants in the web site. What a beautiful and supportive group to one another! There are many varied spiritual groups in the world, and as we grow in spiritual maturity, we realize, that each group brings a special gift of blessing to the world. It is similar to the team approach in various professions. Each profession contributes its special skill and energy to the outcome, whether it be in business or education or healing or whatever.

Recently, a woman I work with brought flowers from her garden to place on the tables of the assisted living facility where I work. The flowers were brilliant sunflowers, baby's breath, violet cosmos, deep purple and sky blue delphiniums, and orange lilies, each flower lovely in its own right. But as she arranged these varied flowers together in a bouquet for each table, I realized that the beauty of each flower was enhanced by its contrast with the others, and together, the variety of flowers was simply beautiful together. And this reminded me of how we work together as a variety of spiritual groups in the world. Even as we maintain our own methods of spiritual practices for each group, we are joined together by our intention of loving service to one another and the planet, in a powerful network to bless the world!

I express my deepest love and appreciation to all of you, and to Marge and to Babaji! You bless my life and the world, and I thank you for that!

Kathy in South Dakota


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