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Author Topic: What about all these Babajis?  (Read 6574 times)

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What about all these Babajis?
« on: May 09, 2015, 06:09:58 AM »
Question: What about all these Babajis?

You in the email, in Yogananda's book, the different websites, the one in Haidakhan, the one that people experience in dreams and visions, and all the rest? Are they one and the same? Are they different aspects of the "one Babaji?" Are they actually different energies? How are we to understand this?

Babaji Responds:


"I am no one. I am no thing. The Teachings are known by many. The Teachings form the core of all religions. But few understand. The Teachings are known by all on the High path. I have come to share the Teachings not to talk about this Babaji or that Babaji. To separate Babaji into this Babaji or that Babaji is not Simplicity. This will only lead to separation and despair. It is better to concentrate on Truth, Simplicity, Love and Service than to concentrate on which Babaji belongs to which category. No One cannot be separated. No Thing cannot be categorized. To separate No Thing will only lead to despair. Attach to the Teachings not the Teacher. Walk on the High Path but follow No One.



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