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« on: May 09, 2015, 09:26:50 AM »

Don't use intoxicating drugs, but learn from Gaura Devi's (Gaura Devi is a devotee who served Shri Babaji for 12 years at Haidakhan) devotion and purity. Why do you travel here so far from your home yet lose yourself in drugs? It is strictly forbidden to use drugs and you must leave if you do so, because there is no progress; you remain the same. You must learn not to use drugs, so you can teach others not to use them.
Jan. 5, 1983

To maintain peace and order in the ashram*, everyone must see to it that no unwanted loafers come here. Nobody should use intoxicating drugs. Each of you should check such loafers and drug users and send them away from the ashram.
June 25, 1982

* Traditionally, an ashram is a spiritual hermitage or a monastery. Today the term ashram often denotes a place of Hindu cultural activity such as yoga, music study or religious instruction.


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