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Author Topic: 12 April 1983  (Read 1905 times)

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12 April 1983
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12 April 1983

"All of you must bring alertness into your lives. The revolutionary spirit which I want to inspire in the hearts of all of you is for the peace of the world. This revolution takes place for the sake of world peace. This is my sole aim and main task. In the Mahabharata, at the time of Lord Krishna, the same path was followed - as it was at the time of Lord Rama. When unrighteousness prevails in the world this is the only path possible.

"All of you must become soldiers. As you see the soldiers (of the Sikh religion) standing here before you, so you too will become soldiers of Hairakhan. You may think that so few people can do nothing but there are millions of people in the world waiting on an impulse from Babaji - they are prepared to offer up their lives. Going beyond fear of death, proceeding with courage, people will give their lives for this revolution. Even the Lord of Death (Yam Raj) is prepared to take part in this revolution. This being so, how can there be doubt about anyone else?

"You must make every effort to become alert. Wherever you live, there you must be alert. Babaji will give His Blessings from here but you must be very alert everywhere.



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