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Author Topic: My Very First Letter To Babaji  (Read 1489 times)


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My Very First Letter To Babaji
« on: May 13, 2015, 07:40:53 AM »
My Very First Letter To Babaji
Shared by Zvonko

Dear Babaji,

Here I decided for my first time to really write you an email. I AM SURE THAT YOU WILL KNOW THIS EMAIL.

Maybe last night late, or early this morning dream made me to do this now. I had this wish before but I truly hadn't trust (to myself) that I am really writing to You.

I dreamed some different dream than others. I do not remember whole dream. Only let's say the short context. i know that I was in some big building, maybe our town hospital. I was going through hallways, long and wide hallways. In the basement. Going, going for long time. I wanted to go out of there and then go on with my pathway. On going through I was meeting some doctors, or maybe they were only nurses. Many people - patients, were sitting on big chairs! Like waiting to be made some surgery on them! All of them had bandages on them ... on heads, on ears, on their bodies. At first time as I remember it was quiet around. On my going and going froward it was less and less quiet. And the picture was changing. These people, patients, sitting on big chairs (something like dentist chair or gynecological chair) are now with more difficult problems. I saw people with very changed faces, they were unnatural very wide, very big and somehow as squashed faces! Changed form of the faces. All of them had bandages on heads. Most of them were loudly crying! As I was going and going, I saw people that cry and with these faces. Others had some other, not only with wide faces, here I don't remember exactly what, but maybe on arms, eyes, torso.

I was going through, looking all this, and somehow as I was without feeling. In the morning I just remembered this dream, as "something not so interesting," - little later I realized it has some deeper meaning.

I am sure this has connection with You Babaji. You are my Guru and give just to You all Respect. From now on all my learning shall get from Your Teachings.Every morning I do Om Namaha Shivaya. Every morning I do my Kriya practice.

Sometimes I jump practice. And I feel as I need it.

I am alone with my practices. I no one know to be with me with this.

Please please please tell me what to do as my sadhana from you! Jai Baba!

Please give me real sadhana. That is my guide for now on. I really need Your sadhana. I had other Yoga teachers that now I my soul tells me it is enough. From now on only you are my Guru.

I gathered so much courage to write this letter to You. I was thinking several times whether to write to You and how to do it. Now it is time.

Om Namaha Shivaya
Om Namaha Shivaya
Om Namaha Shivaya

Prilep, Macedonia


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